Briçal de Mar

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Briçal de Mar
Connected Areas Prasine Coast
Thalassian Cliffs
Sillaro River
Island Deniz

Briçal de Mar is the second town in the game after you leave Prasine Coast. It also leads to Thalassian Cliffs.


Briçal de Mar is a large town located in the center of Deniz. It is home to the Accademia, the best place to start learning the basics of Temtem. To the west of the town is the Indigo Lake that is a perfect spot to swim or surf around. The east opens up to the Sillaro River and the largest docks on the island. To the north of the town stretch the Thalassian Cliffs.

Points of Interest[edit]


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Luisouvenirs is a shop that sells all sorts of goods. It is also where the player gets their Temessence Vial from.

"Postcards, gifts, t-shirts & much more!"

Indigo Lake[edit]

The Indigo Lake is a small body of water located in western Briçal de Mar. It holds no wild Temtem, but does hold many swimmers. It surrounds the Mistral.

The Mistral[edit]

Located in the center of the Indigo Lake, this bar has no specialty drinks but does have a pool table and a dart board.


A Newspaper Hawker sells papers, both foreign and domestic. When first approached the headlines are,

in local news,

  • Ecos del Sillaro headlines: "Giada Says Riverine Fellowship Breaking All Membership Records."
  • L'Arissolano leads with "Arissola Opens Airship Terminal, Daily Flights to Omnines and Kisiwa!"

and in foreign news,

  • The Properton Times: "Arbury Uni To Host New Temtem Tournament: Lochburg Dons Expected To Lose".
  • The Uhuru Gazette: "Juu Tunnel Opened, New Vumbi-Uhuru Route Expects Heavy Traffic".
  • The Myrisles Post: "Experts Warn: Anak Volcano Could Become Active Any Moment".
  • The New Edo Scientific Review: "Cipanki Scientist Announces New Digital Temtem".


The Accamedia has various items in trashcans and a quest to accept, but it also contains one book in each classroom that provide information on various Temtem strategy-related topics.

In Ms. Teresa's room on the bottom-floor left lies the book "Systema Temtemae" by C. Linnaea, updated by Guy and Drades. It reads,

"Temtem species are currently categorized under 12 elemental types. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses against other types. Every tamer needs to learn and understand these interactions.

  • Fire Temtem are as powerful and unpredictable as an open flame. They're strong against Nature and Crystal, but weak against Water and Earth.
  • Water Temtem love to frolic and Splash around. They're strong against Fire, Earth and Digital, but weak against Nature and Toxic.
  • Nature Temtem exist among flora and fauna. They're strong against Water and Earth, but weak against Fire and Toxic.
  • Electric Temtem were once revered as lightning spirits. They're strong against Water, Mental, Wind, and Digital, but weak against Nature, Earth, and Crystal.
  • Earth Temtem are usually robust, heavy creatures. They're strong against Fire, Electric and Crystal... but weak against Water and Nature.
  • Mental Temtem tend to be aloof and disdainful at first. They're strong against Neutral and Melee, but weak against Crystal.
  • Wind Temtem are often seen flying around the Thalassian Cliffs. They're strong against Toxic, but weak against Electric.
  • Digital Temtem are hybrid creatures created in Nanto. They're strong against Mental and Melee, and they don't have any weaknesses.
  • Melee Temtem have been bred for fighting, and they excel at it. They're strong against Earth and Crystal, but weak against Mental.
  • Crystal Temtem are a fascinating mineral lifeform. They're strong against Electric and and Mental, but weak against Fire and Earth.
  • Toxic Temtem feed and thrive on chemicals that would kill other Temtem. They're strong against Water and Nature, but weak against Earth, Digital and Crystal.
  • So-called "Neutral" Temtem represent a variety of Temtem that don't fit other types. They do not have any particular strengths, but they're all weak against Mental."

In Mister Holland's room on the bottom-floor right room lies the book "Mastering Your Temtem Statistics" by Mr. D'Amato. It says,

"Each Temtem species is defined by seven different stats:

  • HP (Hit Points) determines the amount of damage a Temtem can take before being knocked out.
  • SPD (Speed) determines how fast a Temtem is in battle. Temtem with higher SPD will usually attack first each turn.
  • ATK (Attack) and SP.ATK (Special Attack) determine how much damage a Temtem does when using a physical/special technique.
  • DEF (Defense) and SP.DEF (Special Defense) determine how much damage a Temtem can ignore from a physical/special technique.
  • STA (Stamina) determines how many Techniques a Temtem can perform during a battle.

The value of each of these statistics are determined by two factors: The base value for the species to which the Temtem belongs and the specific SVs and TVs of a particular Temtem. SVs (Single Values) are unique to each Temtem and have values between 1 and 50. SVs are assigned at birth and can't be modified. TVs (Training Values), on the other hand, are acquired by fighting other Temtem. Each statistic can have a TV between 0 and 500. Each individual Temtem can only learn up to 1,000 TVs.

Mastering your stats is the key to unleashing your true potential as a Temtem tamer!"

In Headmistress Dolça's room on the top-floor left lies the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Temtem Techniques!" by Mary Temdo. It reads,

"Techniques are special attacks. Temtem learn techniques when they level up, but they can only have 4 techniques equipped in any given battle. Just like Temtem, techniques are categorized by elements. However, techniques have additional categories, call Physical, Special and Status. Status techniques don't inflict damage, but they can cause certain conditions or alter the affected Temtem's stats. On the other hand, Physical and Special are offensive techniques. The damage they do depends on the Attack/Defense stats or Special Attack/Defense of the Temtem.

Techniques can also have:

  • A stamina cost: they deplete the Temtem's stamina when used.
  • A hold value: requires the Temtem to be active during a certain number of turns before the technique can be used.
  • A priority: determines the order in which techniques are resolved in battles. The Temtem with the higher speed will usually go first, but a technique's priority can change that order.

And one thing to keep in mind: a Temtem performing a technique that matches its type will gain a damage boost!"

In Marcelino's room on the top-floor right lies the book "Statu Vademecum" by Nalla of Vumbi. It says,

"Statuses are conditions that can affect a Temtem during battle. There are several different status conditions:

  • Cold and Frozen: a Temtem that gets Cold twice will become Frozen. While Frozen, the Temtem won't be able to attack.
  • Asleep: the Temtem can't attack, but will wake up if attacked.
  • Trapped: the affected Temtem cannot be swapped.
  • Doomed: when the turn counter reaches zero, the Temtem is knocked out.
  • Seized: the Temtem will lose the item effect it's carrying and won't be able to use it while it is Seized.
  • Poisoned: the Temtem loses 1/8th of its maximum health points each turn.
  • Burned: the Temtem loses 1/16th of its maximum health points each turn, and its attack and special attack is reduced by 30%.
  • Exhausted: Stamina costs increase by 50%.
  • Invigorated: Stamina costs decrease by 50%.
  • Immune: the Temtem is immune to new status conditions.
  • Regenerating: the Temtem heals 1/10th of its maximum health points each turn.
  • Isolated: Synergies won't work with the Isolated Temtem.
  • Nullified: the Temtem's strengths and weaknesses don't apply.
  • Evading: the Temtem avoids the next offensive technique directed at it.
  • Alterted: the Temtem can't be asleep while alerted. After waking up from being asleep, the Temtem will automatically be Alerted.

A Temtem can have up to 2 active status conditions at a time. When a new condition is applied, the oldest active one is removed. All status conditions are non-volatile. That means the Statuses can't be removed by swapping Temtem, and they remain even when you exit combat."

Side Quests[edit]

Briçal de Mar Side Quests
Name Requirements Reward
Missing Kids Surfboard Decoy
No Head For Numbers None Vital Apple x2
The Turquesa Ferry Surfboard Revive x2
Smoke Bomb x3
Pigepic Fan A Pigepic Revive


2x Vital Apple (Quest Marker.pngFrom Josep Side Quest)
1x Balm+ (Trashcan next to Mister Holland’s desk)
1x Smoke Bomb (Trashcan in Ms. Teresa’s classroom)
1x Ether+ (Trashcan in Marcelino’s classroom)
1x Archipelago Map (From Luis Quest)
1x Revive (Box on left side of Luis' shop)
1x Decoy* (From Headmistress Dolca) (Surfboard needed)


  • On the eastern coast of Brical de Mar there is a "believer" that swears there is something under the near-by truck.
  • Luis has different reactions depending on which Temtem you show him.
  • When playing the Randomizer challenger mode, your character always tells Luis that you own a Paharo so that he will give you the Temessence Phial.