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Connected Areas Arissola
Island unspecified

Narwhal is a zeppelin or airship commanded by Adia Turay. The crew is comprised by captain Adia Turay, first officer One-eyed Matthew, navigator Kemal and other members. It flies the Arissola-Nanga-Uhuru route. The ship travels at sixty knots, and carries an extensive library for its passengers to enjoy. Its engines are "Top-notch Tucmani engineering", as Octlana puts it.



First time[edit]

Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Max* Piraniant.png Lvl. 23Loali.png Lvl. 23Oree.png Lvl. 28Ganki.png Lvl. 27LumaBarnshe.png Lvl. 26Saipat.png Lvl. 26

Just before getting on the Narwhal. 1352 Pansun.png

*It is not necessary to win this fight to progress in the story.

Second time[edit]

Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Belsoto Air Pirates Skunch.png Lvl. 30Babawa.png Lvl. 30Baboong.png Lvl. 30Mastione.png Lvl. 28

Inside the Narwhal, on the top floor. 795 Pansun.png
Lady Lottie* Pocus.png Lvl. 32Kalabyss.png Lvl. 34Barnshe.png Lvl. 35Granpah.png Lvl. 35Raican.png Lvl. 35

On the bow of the airship 1940 Pansun.png

*It is not necessary to win this fight to progress in the story.

Third time[edit]

Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Izel Mushook.png Lvl. 50Platimous.png Lvl. 50Myx.png Lvl. 50Tuvine.png Lvl. 50

Inside the Narwhal. 684 Pansun.png
One-Eyed Matthew Raize.png Lvl. 47Kalabyss.png Lvl. 44Mouflank.png Lvl. 52Zizare.png Lvl. 42Turoc.png Lvl. 52

Inside the Narwhal. 1107 Pansun.png


Narwhal Quests
Name Requirements Reward
Flight of the Narwhal Complete First Steps
A trip to Kisiwa Complete Adventure in the Myrisles

Side Quests[edit]

Narwhal Side Quests
Name Requirements Reward
Travel Writer Varies Lure
Hand Fan


  • 2x Cooler (First Deck in room with Kisiwan Traveler and Omninesian Traveler in a trashcan)
  • 1x Vital Durian (First Deck near Frequent Flier and Asterion in a trashcan)
  • 4x Silicon Shard (Cargo Deck in the first crate right of the stairs)
  • 1x Enhancer Avocado (Cargo Deck all the way right in a crate)
  • 2x Vigorous Loquat (Cargo Deck in a White Box next to a Barrel that’s a tight corner next to the Stowaway)
  • 1x Vital Durian (Second Deck, in the room with Kemal and in a trashcan)

Note: All the items are only found on the first time aboard the Narwhal.


  • The ships engines were replaced just a couple years earlier, which made the old engineer quit.