Flight of the Narwhal

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Flight of the Narwhal
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests First Steps
Next Quest Adventure in the Myrisles
Starting Location Narwhal
Requirements ?
Reward None

Flight of the Narwhal is the second main quest in the game and begins after the player boards the Narwhal for the first time. Throughout the quest, the player assists the crew of the Narwhal before landing in Omninesia.


  • Talk to captain Adia Turay.
  • Ask navigator Kemal for those charts.
  • Get Kemal a cup of coffee.
  • Bring that hot caffeine to Kemal.
  • Make sure the captain gets the charts.
  • Let Adia Turay know when you're ready to land.


The player must talk to several characters to complete this quest. First, captain Adia Turay, on the deck, then Kemal, in the left door of the top floor, then the Sous-chef on the ship's middle-floor at the end of the hall. The player then returns to Kemal and then Adia. After all this, the player can revisit Adia and land on Omninesia.

This area is inaccessible after the player lands. They cannot return to it.


After perusing around the Narwhal, Adia Turay informs the player that because of the high amount of smoke around the Myrisles, she cannot land the airship without Navigational Charts from her navigator, Kemal. However, last night, Octlana convinced Kemal to stay up all night with her at the Sirokos. This has put him out of sorts, and so he needs some caffeine to focus again. After a black cup of coffee as strong as the kitchen can make it, he has the energy to finish the charts. Upon delivering the finished charts to the captain, she is able to land at the player's discretion.