If You Build It

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If You Build It
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Coral Plaza
Starting NPC Salamasina
Requirements Access to Kisiwa
Completion of On Solid Footing?
Reward Key to your house

If You Build It is a side quest and is begun by talking to Salamasina at the Coral Plaza in Citerior Omninesia. Throughout the quest, the player inspires an architect and finds an absent-minded airship captain. After gathering all the necessary people, the player's empty plot of land becomes a house.


  • Ask the architect in Windward Fort for help.
  • Get the architect a Vulor for inspiration.
  • Return to Atoll Row.
  • Order the building materials at the Smiths' Guild.
  • Board the Ocra at the Quetzal airship terminal.
  • Find Captain Makamba - ask in the Vumbi Dojo?
  • Find Captain Makamba - try again in Upinzani.
  • Rendezvous with Makamba at Nanga airport.
  • Get back to Salamasina.


After starting the quest by talking to Salamasina at the Coral Plaza after completing the quest On Solid Footing?, the player travels to the Windward Fort in Deniz to talk to the Architect there on the second floor. The player must give her a Vulor, and will not get it back. After giving the Architect the Temtem, they return to talk to Salamasina, and then travel to the Smiths' Guild in Quetzal in Tucma. They talk with the receptionist there, then Manfredo at the Quetzal Airship Terminal. Next, at the Vumbi Dojo in Vumbi in Kisiwa, the player talks to Musa's ADC, and then to Makamba in Upinzani, also in Kisiwa.

After traveling to Kisiwa, Deniz, and Tucma, the player returns to the Airship Terminal in Nanga to talk to Makamba. The player must select the following dialogue options in order to successfully give him directions to Atoll Row.

  1. (bot) Atoll Row, in Citerior Omninesia.
  2. (mid) ...the Canopath.
  3. (mid) Watch out for the Anak Volcano.
  4. (bot) Yareni?
  5. (top) Shuine?
  6. (mid) Salamasina

After, the player talks to Salamasina one final time.



After the player acquires their plot of land, Salamasina begins the process to get builders to erect the physical home. They can start with the foundations, but with the backlog of the Myrisles Engineering Cooperative she suggests that they commission new building plans immediately. They do not know any architects, so she recommends an Architect friend of hers from Deniz. The player heads to Windward Fort to find her.

The Architect is surveying the old fort desiring to restore it when the player finds her. Although she prefers refurbishing old buildings, she accepts the home as an interesting challenge. However, she needs some inspiration. A Vulor could inspire her as a model for the protection and warmth of fire, of the ancestral, domestic fire of the hearth, but also that sense of coziness, of protection. The player gives her a Vulor in order to kindle her architectural creativity. They sketch out the home, but encourage them to leave so they can focus. She will send them to the construction site once she has finished.

Back at Atoll Row, Salamasina praises the design she has received--daring, but somehow very classic, very Myrislan. She also informs the player that the forewoman has run short on building materials. They normally use volcanic stone bricks quarried from Anak, but because of the recent eruption, the are too hot. She advises the player to seek the most reliable supplier with prime materials, the Smiths' Guild in Quetzal. She has worked with them often, so they will know what is needed specifically. All the player has to do is go and put in an order.

At the Guild, the receptionist informs the player that, luckily, they got a big order from Atoll Row just before their recent supply interruptions, making it their priority. The first batches are ready to ship out in the Ocra, a freighter ship sailed by Captain Makamba, so the player heads to the Quetzal Airship Terminal to find them.

Sailor first class Manfredo tells them the Ocra is ready to depart with a shipload of building materials for Atoll Row, but the captain's absense delays their departure. Last he had heard Captain Makamba was taking time off in Vumbi in Kisiwa, visiting his parents. The player goes to find him.

At the Vumbi Dojo, Musa's ADC tells that Makamba came to volunteer as soon as he heard what was happening in Kisiwa. He went with his the team that was supposed to reinforce Upinzani, but communications have been cut off. Makamba has lost track of time since fighting in the war, but he tells them he will meet them at Nanga. There, he gets directions of where to go from the player.

Salamasina then gives the player the key to their new home and congratulations them for their new house.