A Castle Too High

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A Castle Too High
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Intrigue in Cipanku
Next Quest The End of Innocence
Starting Location Sacred Lake
Starting NPC Carlos
Requirements Completion of Intrigue in Cipanku
Reward ?

A Castle Too High is the ninth main quest in the game and is received after boarding Telobos.


To start A Castle Too High, complete Intrigue in Cipanku. This quest will start automatically, and after a cutscene, you will be transported to the Telobos. Be advised that, once the Telobos is boarded, the previous islands (Deniz, Omninesia, Tucma, Kisiwa and Cipanku) will be inaccessible until after A Castle Too High and The End of Innocence.


  • Find a way out of the kitchen.
  • Explore the Telobos.
  • Get some coffee from the kitchens.
  • Refill the guard's cup with coffee.
  • Find a way to get rid of that pesky guard...
  • Bring the "special" coffee to that guard for a surprise...
  • Eavesdrop on Lady Lottie and Dr. Hamijo!
  • Busted! Go tidy up General X's suite!
  • Get back to Carlos.
  • Get a signature for the inspection orders.
  • Gain access to the Telobos engines.
  • Switch off the NW engine.
  • Switch off the NE engine now...
  • Escape from the sinking fortress!


Talk to the Telobos Chef (top right), then take the Chef's Knife from the nearby table and give it to him. Take the Fresh Shallots from the crate (bottom left) and give them to the chef. Take the recipe from the table (bottom mid) and give them to the chef. He will let you leave the kitchen now.

Grab the items from the west wing if you wish (note that you will not be able to return to the Telobos upon completion of this quest), then try and head up the stairs. The guard will stop you and request coffee- return to the kitchen, talk to the Fanatical Coffee Brewer for a Coffee Jug, and return to the guard. After a cutscene, talk to the Angry Officer (southeast) for the Bedroom Key. Search the locker in the now-unlocked room in the west wing for the Potent Laxatives, then return to the guard on the stairs.

Proceed around to eavesdrop on Lady Lottie and Dr. Hamijo for an interesting conversation. After General X discovers you, head around to the east side of the balcony to find a Growth Enhancer, and then head into General X's room. Take the Inspection Orders from the desk on the right wall, and head back to Carlos in the west wing. Then head back to Dr. Hamijo to have him sign the orders.

Once you proceed past this point, you will be unable to return to the Telobos, and any uncollected items will be lost forever.

Finally, head down the elevator to the engines. Carlos will instruct you to disable the northwest engines; go there, battle the Telobos Engineer. Before you repeat the process for the northeast engines, use your Temessence Phial if required - you will soon battle three enemies in a row without a chance to heal in between. When ready, disable the northeast engines, battle the Telobos Engineer 2, return to Carlos to receive the Emergency Parachute backpack, and battle the Engine Level Guard and Dr. Hamijo.

General X will appear, but you will parachute off the ship before he can challenge you. If you lose to the Telobos Engineer 2, Belsoto Guard or Dr. Hamijo, General X will push you off of the Telobos. Upon conclusion of the quest, you will arrive in Loch Aduar after a lengthy cutscene, and the quest The End of Innocence will start.


  • WishYouWell Coin x3 (in the closet at the end of the hallway west of the main foyer)
  • TemCard+ x2 (through the northern door by the WishYouWell Coins, in the closet on the east wall)
  • Growth Enhancer (on the east side of the balcony overlooking the main foyer)



'Telobos' is an anagram of 'Belsoto'.