Broken Chawan (quest)

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Disambig.png This article is about the side quest. For the item, see Broken Chawan.
Broken Chawan (quest)
Broken Chawan.png
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Uhuru
Starting NPC Postal Worker
Requirements Access to Miyako Village
Reward TC033: Beef Up

Broken Chawan (quest) is a Side Quest.


Speak to the Postal worker in the Post Office of Uhuru during the quest In Memory of Max. He asks you to deliver a fragile package to a recipient in Cipanku.


  • Deliver the fragile parcel to the Chanoyusha in Cipanku.
  • Take the broken chawan to the artisan Masahiro in Miyako.
  • Bring the restored chawan back to the chanoyusha.


Deliver the fragile parcel to the Chanoyusha in Cipanku.[edit]

Speak to and battle the Chanoyusha in the middle of the Rice Fields.

Tamer Temtem Reward
Chanoyusha Amphatyr.png Lvl. 71 123 Pansun.png

After defeating them, you may try to deliver the Broken Chawan.

Take the broken chawan to the artisan Masahiro in Miyako.[edit]

Speak to Masahiro in the middle of Miyako Village. They will repair the Broken Chawan and hand you the repaired Chawan.

Bring the restored chawan back to the chanoyusha.[edit]

Travel back to the Rice Fields and speak to the Chanoyusha once more. They reward the player with TC033: Beef Up.



The Postal worker asks that the player deliver a fragile package by hand to a recipient in Cipanku. It cannot be delivered by Paharo since the package is marked 'fragile.'

After delivering the Chawan to the Chanoyusha, they explain that this particular Chawan is a masterpiece crafted by a great artist over two centuries ago, during the time of the last shogun...<br ...and the player seems to have broken it during their battle with the Chanoyusha. Oops. The Chanoyusha requests that the player bring it to an artisan who can fix it, namely Masahiro.

After trekking up to Miyako Village, the player asks Masahiro to fix the Broken Chawan. Masahiro is more than willing to help fix the masterpiece and indeed believes that they have, in fact, added to its beauty. Masahiro does not desire payment for their services, saying that the opportunity to work on such an ancient masterpiece is the reward in it of itself.

The player hands the repaired Chawan back to the Chanoyusha, who is overjoyed with its repair. They then show the player how to train the Temtem to purge themselves of bad influences.