Bonfire Restored

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Bonfire Restored
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Kilima Peaks
Starting NPC Kyle
Requirements None
Reward TC028: Quetza-leño

Bonfire Restored is a side quest and is begun by talking to Kyle at the Kilima Peaks. Throughout the quest, the player battles a surface bandit in Tucma and helps Kyle keeps his fire going. After retrieving the heroic flame, Kyle shows off a party trick.


  • Acquire firewood from a bonfire in Tucma.
  • Bring the firewood to Kyle's fire in the Kilimas.


After talking to Kyle in the Kilima Peaks, the player goes to interact with the fire at the Bandit Hideout on Tucma. They will have to defeat the bandit at the fire.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Bonfire keeper Piraniant.png Lvl. 44 Nidrasil.png Lvl. 45 Mushook.png Lvl. 45 Seismunch.png Lvl. 50 632 Pansun.png

Upon victory, the player returns to Kyle.



While exploring the Kilima Peaks, Kyle invites the player to warm themselves at his fire. He keeps it burning to provide safety for travelers in case a blizzard. He and his friend alternate informal shifts, but the wood is running low. The player volunteers to get some wood, specifically lit by "heroic surface bandits", keeping the Tucmani flame alive.

At the Bandit Hideout in Tucma, the player tries to take a branch from the fire, but the bonfire's keeper stops them. In order to preserve the fire's marshmallow-cooking capabilities, the keeper battles the player. After the fight and winning the Tucmani fire torch, they return it to Kyle. It reminds him of wild parties he used to have where he and his friends would come to this point, make a big bonfire, and dance all night. His fire-eater friend showed him a trick with a Fire type Temtem, a log, and a bottle of Quetzaleño Reposado, and then has the player try.

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