Ecosystem Balance

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Ecosystem Balance
Ecosystem Balance.png
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Taeko
Requirements Access to the Rice Fields
Reward TC030: Data Corruption
Mimit.pngMimit appears in Iwaba

Ecosystem Balance is a Side Quest.


Speak to Taeko on third floor of Nanto Labs (elevator button "2 Testing") in Neoedo.


  • Assist Mirai with her field work in the Rice Fields.
  • Help Mirai field-test the new Temtem in Iwaba.


Assist Mirai with her field work in the Rice Fields.[edit]

You can find Mirai in the northeastern corner of the Rice Fields. Mirai will battle you after speaking.

Tamer Temtem Reward
Mirai Paharac.png Lvl. 48 Mimit.png Lvl. 48 270 Pansun.png

Help Mirai field-test the new Temtem in Iwaba.[edit]

Travel to the Eastern grass patch of Iwaba and speak to Mirai again. Once again she will battle you after a short conversation.

Tamer Temtem Reward
Mirai Paharac.png Lvl. 49 Mimit.png Lvl. 49 Skunch.png Lvl. 49 Mimit.png Lvl. 49 953 Pansun.png

After the battle, Mirai rewards the player with TC030: Data Corruption and releases Mimit into the wild.



Taeko, a researcher in Nanto Labs, asks the player to assist their colleague Mirai with her field work. Mirai is attempting to introduce a new Digital species to the Rice Fields, but Taeko is sceptical that Mirai will succeed without outside help.

Upon meeting Mirai, she informs the player that she is attempting to introduce Mimit into the wild, but needs to find the perfect spot to give it a head start. The researches have recently grown concerned that other Digital Temtem have been appearing in the wild, likely due to a premeditated act, and that they appear to displacing the native species. Researchers first attempted to remove Digital Temtem by asking tamers to capture as many as possible, but it was too late. The new plan is to introduce Mimit, the ultimate breeder, to restore eco-balance. Unfortunately, after a short battle with the player, Mirai decides that the Rice Fields are too wet an environment for Mimit, so she moves to Iwaba to try again.

In Iwaba, Mirai battles the player once again and declares that this is the perfect location for Mimit. Mirai then releases Mimit into the wild and gives the player a Technique Course as a reward.