First Aid

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First Aid
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Shipwrecked in Tucma!
Next Quest Find Kemal
Starting Location Quetzal
Requirements ?
Reward TC016: Held Anger

First Aid is a part of the main quest Shipwrecked in Tucma! and is received after defeating the Quetzal Dojo Master Yareni. Throughout the quest, the player brings medicine to Octlana at the Wreck of the Narwhal. After delivering the supplies, they must find Kemal.


  1. Buy some medicines from the Temporium
  2. Bring the medicines to Octlana


The player begins by visiting the store in the Temporium in Quetzal and asking for medicine, after which the receive the First-aid medicines. Then, they must deliver it to Octlana, who rests just inside the entrance of the Wreck of the Narwhal, who gives the player TC016: Held Anger as a reward. The quest is much easier to complete if the player has already acquired the Acid-Proof Surfboard from the quest Beached Narwhal.



The player urgently bursts into the Quetzal Temporium to ask for medicine--human medicine, specifically. The vendor gives them the first aid without charge since it is an emergency.

At the Wreck of the Narwhal, Octlana takes the medicines and begins to help the wounded. For their reward, she gives the player a TC, Held Anger. She can now heal everyone who is accounted for, which excludes Kemal. Since her leg is broken and most of the other Narwhal passengers are injured, she asks the player to look for him. Additionally, she needs the player to find her wife Izel in western Quetzal and tell her that Octlana is safe. Izel will also help the player; she knows the city well.