Temtemed Out

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Temtemed Out
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Uhuru
Starting NPC Lyato
Requirements TC023: Serbatiyo's Wrath
Reward TC021: Double Edge
Doppelganger Brooch

Temtemed Out is a side quest and is begun by talking to Lyato in Uhuru. Throughout the quest, the player helps Ige emotionally heal and enjoy Temtem fighting again. After learning receiving an exotic new Temtem and learning the bond of tamers, Ige finds a new passion for Temtem taming.


  • Cheer up Ige doing an exhibition fight with Lyato.
  • Temtem up with Ige.
  • Bring Ige an Oceara.
  • Learn the technique Serbatiyo's Wrath and find Ige.
  • Fight Ige's souped-up Temtem!
  • Get a reward from Lyato.


To begin, the player battles Lyato on the left side of Uhuru. Even if the player loses the match, the quest will still have begun. The player has unlimited attempts at victory.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Lyato Zenoreth.png Lvl. 46 Vulffy.png Lvl. 46 Rhoulder.png Lvl. 45 492 Pansun.png

After defeating him, the player must then talk to and defeat Ige.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Ige Capyre.png Lvl. 46 Granpah.png Lvl. 46 Myx.png Lvl. 45 428 Pansun.png

After defeating her, the player must give her an Oceara. They do not get it back.

If the player has TC023: Serbatiyo's Wrath, they will immediately fight her again. Otherwise, they will gain the side quest Serbatiyo's Wrath. After they return to her with TC023: Serbatiyo's Wrath, they will fight her again. Note that although she has the same Temtem, they are stronger.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Ige Capyre.png Lvl. 51 Granpah.png Lvl. 52 Myx.png Lvl. 50 Oceara.png Lvl. 55 995 Pansun.png

After defeating her, they must talk to Lyato again.



The player encounters two tamers, Lyato and Ige, in Uhuru. The two have different feelings regarding Temtem battles after the war. Ige feels no more joy in fighting. Lyato challenges the player, relieved that they can return to friendly battles. Watching the battle enthuses Ige a little more, and she and the player duel. However, her loss only deepens her anxieties. She says she has never been a good tamer.

The player tries to cheer her up, and she confesses that maybe if she had better Temtem, she could stand a chance against a real tamer. Perhaps if she had an Oceara, her team would have enough diversity for her to enjoy taming again. It has always been her dream to have one, but there are none in Kisiwa. The player decides to get one for her.

The new Oceara impresses her, and she reminisces about the Sea Queen and the legendary powers of her armies of Oceara. One of the oldest sages in the desert, Mhina, knows about legends--maybe he knows about what the power is. After the player has learned about the Serbatiyo's Wrath, they teach it to her Oceara and reduel.

This time, the battle encourages her. She thanks them for their help, and their efforts for a complete stranger. This is the real beauty of Temtem taming, she decides: not the fight itself, or Temtem, but the bond and care between tamers. She teaches the player a trick from her time at the Dojo. Lyato also gives the player something for helping her. When they were both at the Dojo, she gave him a brooch, which he gives it to them.