The Battle of Kisiwa

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The Battle of Kisiwa
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Shipwrecked in Tucma!
Next Quest Return of the Narwhal
Starting Location Mawingu Islets
Requirements ?
Reward Resistance Badge
Gravitonic piolets

The Battle of Kisiwa is the sixth main quest in the game and is received after entering Kisiwa. Throughout the quest, the player joins the Kisiwa Resistance and scales the cliffs of the Kilima Range. They must defeat a Belsoto General in order to continue. After Kisiwa can celebrate its freedom, they travel to Cipanku to find the floating Belsoto fortress.


  • Reach Vumbi and see what is going on.
  • Talk to Musa at the Temporium.
  • Help the resistance defend Vumbi!
  • Report back to Musa
  • Complete your Dojo training to join the Resistance.
  • Scout the Jino Gap for the Resistance.
  • Use the climbing gear to reach Upinzani...
  • Climb your way across the Kilima Range.
  • Hunt the three Belsoto spies in the desert.
  • Rendezvous with the Narwhal in the northwestern Kisiwa.
  • Operation Tusk: infiltrate Uhuru!
  • Operation Tusk: open the city gates!
  • The Battle of Uhuru: fight your way to the terminal!
  • Testify at the First Archipelago Congress.
  • Ask Dr. Sasaya about the Belsoto.
  • Report back to Carlos.
  • Search the Giant Banyan for clues.
  • Report back to Carlos.
  • Get Musa's approval for the mission.
  • Fly to Cipanku on Archipelago Congress business!


The player must first reach the Temporium in Vumbi by rock-hopping through the Mawingu Islets. They then must defeat the Belsoto in Juu Tunnel, and then defeat Musa at the Vumbi Dojo. The player has unlimited attempts at both fights.

Upon Musa's defeat, the player then must reach the western bridge of the Jino Gap. There, they receive the Gravitonic piolets and can climb up to the Nuru Lodge and then west through the Kwea Uplands. In Upinzani, they travel north through Chini Grotto to the Tasa Desert where they defeat three groups of Belsoto: in the North, in the West, and in the South. During this time, the player cannot leave the desert through the east because blockades obstruct the path.

After all three camps of Belsoto are defeated, the player talks to Adia Turay in the north-west of the desert to go to Uhuru. The player will not be able to leave Uhuru until they have defeated several enemies there, so they must go prepared. In Uhuru, the player can only take one specific route through the city, and cannot enter any buildings except for the Temporium. They head south to the gate first, facing several Belsoto, and fight Max. The player has only one attempt, but does not need to win to progress.

After the fight, the player continues to battle Belsoto north until they reach General X. The player has only one attempt at victory against him, but does not need to win to progress.

After the battle, the player appears at the Savannah Club, and heads up to Omoja Square, the highest point in the city. After some dialogue, they return to the Club where they talk to Carlos, and then talk to Dr. Sasaya at Toussaint Books, and then again to Carlos. At this point, if the player has the Quest item Lady Lottie's diary and has started the main quest Lottie's Diary, they will continue to the next objective. If they have not, they must return to the Giant Banyan in Omninesia to collect the item and begin the quest.

After talking to Carlos with the diary, they then talk to Musa at the Square, and then fly to Cipanku.



The player begins by trying to reach Kisiwa through