Wild Imagination

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Wild Imagination
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Arissola
Starting NPC Liliana
Requirements None
Reward Energetic Kiwi

Wild Imagination is a side-quest featuring Liliana, a young girl who wants to play Temtem but doesn't have any. Instead she plays pretend with the player. The side-quest can be started by speaking to her in Arissola square. Completing the quest awards you 1 Energetic Kiwi.


Speak with Liliana in Arissola. She wanders near the Dojo and Temporium.


  1. Do you know as much about Temtem as little Liliana?
    • The first two questions are always the same
      1. You're so Tall!
      2. Gasp! So fast!
    • You then pick a Temtem to pretend to be, you cannot pick Loali. Select the appropriate follow up.
      • Kalazu:
        1. Watch my tentacles!
      • Saku:
        1. Do you like my flower?
    • The final question is always the same.
      1. I'll beat you with my sai!