Coda: Poisoned Legacy

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Coda: Poisoned Legacy
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Coda: Routine Case
Next Quest None
Starting Location Turquesa
Starting NPC Filomena
Requirements Completion of Coda: Routine Case
Reward DigiLair Token x1
Draft Arena Token x1
Evershifting Tower Token x1
Grit Arena Token x1
TemSafari Token x1

Coda: Poisoned Legacy is a Main quest and is begun upon the completion of Coda: Routine Case.


  • Ask some questions at the breeding centre
  • Is Berhano still in Miyako? Let's ask him.
  • Look for clues at Konstantinos' lab in Zadar.
  • Find the man at the Aquarium.
  • Interrogate General X in the prison of Quetzal.
  • Strike a bargain with the former ADC of General X.
  • Ask about Tamer's Paradise at the MyrEng offices!
  • Get rid of the Neo-Belsotos threatening Makelesi!
  • Interrogate Makelesi from the MyrEng offices.
  • Adia is as the Nanga terminal - give her the charts!
  • Save Tamer's Paradise from the Neo-Belsoto saboteurs!
  • Report back to the TP Manager.


Head to the Breeding Center in Superior Omninesia to ask the BreeCen Shopkeeper questions about the case. She wouldn't normally tell just anyone, but you saved the Airborne Archipelago as a Special Congressional Agent! You need to be sure to give her the correct details during your conversation:

  • Igualitto
  • Mimit

During the conversation, you realise that Berhano the ex-Belsoto you saved in Iwaba is a Kisiwan that has spent a lot of time in Cipanku and could have picked up some mannerisms. Head to Miyako Village where you will find him on the bridge to the Sacred Lake to find out more.

He tells you that some days ago, he was approached by what he suspected was a group of cosplayers pretending to be Belsoto members, but after telling them his name was Max and believing him to be the real Max, they asked for his help in restarting Clan Belsoto. Fearing they may be able to sway kids to join them using the same appeal that first attracted him and Max, he infiltrated them and asks for your help to infiltrate a meeting at the Sea-Queen's Aquarium.

In order to prepare with insider knowledge about Clan Belsoto, return to Professor Konstantinos' lab in Zadar and investigate his computer, the password for which is Mega-Zizare. While checking this you can find a note he has left for you explaining his actions in the event that he was defeated. He regrets your decision to stop him and details that it was the creation of Digital Temtem that started his path of creating Clan Belsoto and convincing Dr. Hamijo to create Telobos. General X was apparently easier to manipulate, simply pointing him in the direction of any war the Professor wanted to wage. Lady Lottie was simply a pawn in his plans, using her connections in Arburian high society under the guise of returning her former glory. He next calls Max the most pitiful of them all, saying "it was a walk in the Saipark to convince them they could be bigger, better, more important" than the player by joining Clan Belsoto. He concludes his note by telling you to have no mercy for his former comrades, feeling they must have been too weak if he failed, and by saying you must continue to be a "good little servant" to the Archipelagian Congress, correctly predicting it is now heaed by Tihani, whom he calls his only worth adversary.

Looking at his "Contingency Plan" you find the details of an operation to only be activated if the Telobos is "Critically compromised or downed". The plan reveals that Clan Belsoto were aware of the construction of Tamer's Paradise and had plans to infiltrate and destroy it as retaliation for the loss of Telobos.

You will find the Neo-Belsoto contact at the north end of the Aquarium You need to answer his questions correctly to persuade him you are Max and not some Special Congressional Agent lying to him, the options are:

  • Max
  • Burned wood
  • Max
  • The Contingency
  • Telobos is downed
  • General X
  • Tamer's Paradise

After convicing him that you are the famous Max he's heard so much about and he hands over 10,000 Pansun.png in the hopes that you can lead the revival of Clan Belsoto. He urges you to make contact with General X. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the General isn't in the mood to help you, but General X's ADC happend to be in the next cell and is willing to tell you everything you want to know in exchange for a fair deal. She goes on to reveal that Tamer's Paradise is a "seventh island" being constructed by MyrEng and details that the Neo-Belsoto agents plan to sabotage it in a way similar to how Carlos and you brought down Telobos during the war. After learning this you quickly make your way to Omninesia, failing to hold up your end of the bargain with the ADC.

Once you make it to the MyrEng offices, you find two Neo-Belsoto Thugs attempting to steal information from a MyrEng employee, battling them in the process:

Tamer Temtem Reward
Neo-Belsoto Thug
Neo-Belsoto Thug 2
Nidrasil.png Lvl. 80 Drakash.png Lvl. 80
Zenoreth.png Lvl. 84 Saipat.png Lvl. 82
1281 Pansun.png

After defeating the wanna-be Belsoto they flee and you can talk to the MyrEng employee, Makelesi. He's in disbelief that Tamer's Paradise is in danger, but trusts you as a Special Congressional Agent. After sharing some detail about the construction progress and delays during the war, you ask where it is and are given the Tamer's Paradise Charts, directions to the seventh island! You're in luck too, the Narwhal just so happens to be in Nanga too!

Make your way over to the Airship dock to meet with Adia and give her the charts. When you arrive, Adia is calm and relaxed, enjoying the break from after the war, however on seeing you approach, doesn't seem to be in the most co-operative of moods, until you show her the charts to Tamer's Paradise and explain she will be the first captain to fly there, with a little bit of extra encouragement needed.

When you arrive on the new island, you are met by a TP Greeter and have to explain about the current danger posed to the island and speak to the TP Manager about if she has seen anyone suspicious around the park.

Once you are in Tamer's Paradise you will need to battle three Neo-Belsoto radicals:

Tamer Temtem Reward
Neo-Belsoto Terrorist Zaobian.png Lvl. 90 Drakash.png Lvl. 90 350 Pansun.png
Neo-Belsoto Bomber Babawa.png Lvl. 80 Skunch.png Lvl. 80 Shaolant.png Lvl. 80 400 Pansun.png
Neo-Belsoto Saboteur Raican.png Lvl. 90 Zenoreth.png Lvl. 90 350 Pansun.png

After defeating the Neo-Belsoto agents, return to the TP Manager and let her know the threat has been averted and everything is safe again, and you will be given tokens for each of the Tamer's Paradise activities and the park will be open for you to enjoy!