Lady Lottie

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Lady Lottie
Gender Female
Origin Arbury
Occupation Clan Belsoto Captain
Countess of Braeside

Lady Lottie Aethelflaed Victoria Elizabeth of Mudshire-Lochburg, Countess of Braeside, is a disgraced, arrogant Arburian aristocrat and one of the captains of Clan Belsoto. Her delusions of grandeur conceal her dangerous skill in Temtem battles.


Lady Lottie has reddish-brown hair, which she wears in a regal pompadour. She has yellow eyes and teal lipstick, and she wears an elaborate blue and red dress with a brooch and multiple rings.


Lady Lottie is an arrogant Arburian aristocrat, with the aloof manners of an exiled queen. She is remarkably full of herself and considers herself superior to the player and all her subordinates, whom she considers her knaves and servants.


Lady Lottie is first encountered atop the Windward Fort alongside many Belsoto grunts. They are searching for an ancestral treasure mentioned in The Romance of the Last Sheikh when the player arrives. The player battles and defeats her after defeating her bodyguards, and she retreats and gives them the Fort Windward key.

She is later encountered onboard the Narwhal as it is being attacked by the Belsoto, and she battles the player again. Regardless of the outcome, she escapes and the Narwhal ends up crash landing in Tucma.


Windward Fort[edit]


Except in Nuzlocke challenge mode, when all the levels have been reduced by 6, the player does not need to win this battle in order to continue.


Lady Lottie's quotes
When meeting atop the fort. "We are close, one can feel it... The Romance of the Last Shieckh mentions "a spiral where stone and sea meet" and that can only be Windward Fort... Harken, minions! Have you found anything?"
"Well keep looking then, thou knaves. One knows it's here, beyond a doubt..."
"One has neither the time nor the inclination, sirrah. Do deal with the miscreant yourselves."
After defeating Lady Lottie's grunts. "If you lowly knaves can not be relied upon to perform your assigned tasks with some degree of proficency, one would at least thank you to keep your silence."
"Oh my, yet another interfering pleb! Must one be endlessly bothered by nosy commoners? Can you not, you knavish scavengers, respect the sanctity of these venerable ruins? First that surf-maid and now you little so-and-so... It might seem one has to deal with this unpleasantness personally. Just so that proper decorum may be kept, one is Lady Lottie Aethelflaed Victoria Elizabeth of Mudshire-Lochburg, Countess of Braeside. But you may call me Your Ladyship. No, one does not care to know your name. If we may dispense with further protocol, now one expects you to lose quickly and undramatically, if you please. One has an ancestral treasure to find and very little patience left. En garde!"
After defeating Lady Lottie. "What sort of trickery is this? Foiled, and my a Denizan peasant!? The effrontery! Did Percy send you? Or are you just a scavenger?"
"A trick of light, a puff of smoke, and one vanishes anon, to machinate vengeance and strike again, some fateful day to come..."


  • Lady Lottie is related to an ancient noble of Lochburg.
  • Lady Lottie's dialect is quite out of place within the world of Temtem, resembling more early modern English than common, modern English used by the other NPCs.