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The many Characters of the Airborne Archipelago are the lifeblood of Temtem. They are as diverse and unique as the islands themselves, and their reactions towards the player vary greatly. Many will challenge the protagonist to combat, others might help by giving useful information or Items, and some will ask for favours in return for a reward in quests. Some NPCs are encountered in multiple occasions due to their involvement in the story campaign.


The player character originates from the small town of Zadar on the island of Deniz, with their foster mother Aina. Eulogi is their uncle, and there has been mention of a cousin or brother. Little is known about the parents. The player character grew up with Max, their overly prickly and zealous childhood 'friend'. The player receives their first Temtem from Professor Konstantinos during the Apprentice's Eve, the day where young aspiring Tamers leave their home. The player then departs on their adventure through the Airborne Archipelago, getting caught up with the mysterious plot of Clan Belsoto.

Main Characters[edit]

Main Characters
Image Name Gender Origin Occupation
Max.png Max Non-binary Deniz Rival
AdiaTuray.png Adia Turay Female Kisiwa Narwhal Captain
Carlos.png Carlos Male Deniz Detective
Naolin.png Naolin Male Tucma Unknown

Dojo Masters[edit]

Dojo Masters
Image Name Gender Origin Occupation
Sophia 01.png Sophia Female Deniz Arissola Dojo Master
Rawiri.png Rawiri Male Omninesia Mokupuni Dojo Master
Tihani.png Tihani Female Omninesia Nanga Dojo Master
Dojo Yarini.png Yareni Female Tucma Quetzal Dojo Master
Musa.png Musa Male Vumbi Vumbi Dojo Master
DrSasaya.png Dr. Sasaya Female Neoedo Neoedo Dojo Master
Murdag.png Murdag Female Arbury Lochburg Dojo Master
Percival.png Percival Male Arbury Properton Dojo Master

Clan Belsoto[edit]

Clan Belsoto
Image Name Gender Origin Occupation
Ladylottie.png Lady Lottie Female Arbury Clan Belsoto Captain
Drhamijo.png Dr. Hamijo Male Cipanku Clan Belsoto Captain
Generalx.png General X Male Deniz Clan Belsoto Captain

Narwhal Crew[edit]

Image Name Gender Origin Occupation
AdiaTuray.png Adia Turay Female Kisiwa Narwhal Captain
OneEyedMatthew.png One-Eyed Matthew Male Arbury Narwhal First Officer
Kemal.png Kemal Male Tucma Narwhal's Navigator
Octlana Female Tucma Narwhal's engineer
Agustin Male Unknown Narwhal's Steward
Chef Unknown
Sous-Chef Unknown

Other Characters[edit]

Image Name Gender Origin Occupation
Stowaway Male Unknown Unknown
Naolin Male Tucma Hermit
Aina Female Deniz Player's Foster Mother
Prof. Konstantinos Male Deniz Player's Mentor


There is no up to date listing of all tamers. Please refer to location pages to get information about tamers in specific areas.