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Concept art of General X, Lady Lottie and Dr. Hamijo
Defeat the ever-annoying Clan Belsoto and end its plot to rule over the Archipelago
~ Kickstarter[1]

Clan Belsoto is an enigmatic, evil organization operating throughout the Airborne Archipelago. They serve as the main antagonistic force of the game.


Clan Belsoto appears in multiple places throughout the main story while enacting various evil plans, but their overarching goal is unknown.


After the player reaches Arissola and heads to the Dojo, they try to enter but are halted because the Dojo Leader, Sophia, is absent. The informant says that she's been gone for a long time, so the player decides to go look for her. She had last said she was headed to Windward Fort; the player heads that way, through the Gifted Bridges.

As the player approaches the fort, various Temtem tamers express frustration about a Arburian woman being rude and asking for tea. Upon reaching the fort, tourists inside feel threatened and explain to the player that a group of people in uniforms came and kicked them out. The player finds Sophia at the bottom of the fort in a jail cell, who had been locked up by Clan Belsoto when they stormed the ruins.

On the highest floor of the site, Lady Lottie and her goons are searching for an "ancestral treasure," guided by the ancient poem The Romance of the Last Sheikh. The player defeats the goons, then Lottie herself, before retrieving the key and releasing Sophia from her cell. Belsoto goons can still linger around in the Sillaro River and the Aguamarina Caves after the player drives the Clan out of the ruins.


Before the player battles Rawiri, he discusses the Anak Volcano's recent strange eruption and reveals that his key to the Cableway was stolen by foreign scientists. After his defeat, he gives the player a spare elevator key and asks them to investigate what is going on at the Giant Banyan.

At the tree, the player encounters Carlos spying on a group of Belsoto guarding the entrance. Carlos instructs the player to find a disguise by infiltrating a Belsoto guard shift that is on break in a pond at the Hangroad. Ulterior Omninesia has been under restricted access due to the erupting volcano, so Carlos gives the player an authorization signed by Tihani, permitting entrance to the area.

After defeating the off-duty guards, the player retrieves their uniforms and returns to Carlos. The player puts on the uniform and distracts the guards so the two of them can sneak inside. Together, they sneak down to the tree's lower-level, defeating multiple grunts along the way. A few of the grunts allude to upcoming Belsoto activity in Tucma, to a person with a Digital Temtem who recently joined the Clan, and to a person from Cipanku in the Volcano. At the bottom, two grunts see through the player's disguise and call for the Belsoto Lieutenant. Carlos sneaks past to investigate further, the player defeats the Lieutenant, and the two of them escape. Outside, Carlos reveals his findings: Lady Lottie had been in the tree, and the "scientific expedition" had purchased all the Crystal Skates in Omninesia. Dozens of crates of them were inside the tree, and Carlos had grabbed a pair for the player. Carlos leaves for his client in Nanga.

Later, at the Anak Volcano, the player fights past multiple Belsoto grunts inside and encounters a laboratory at the back of the volcano. A Belsoto research team is looking for ways to increase the pressure and temperature of the volcano so that Dr. Hamijo can modify a Crystal Temtem into a new Diamond type. To accomplish this, they developed the Fire Chip, but also caused the eruption. The player witnesses Hamijo torturing an Anahir for the purposes of his experiments, and he battles them. Upon his defeat, the Belsoto flee the volcano, leaving the Anahir behind for the player to acquire.

Upon returning to the Nanga Dojo, the player encounters Carlos explaining his investigation to his client, Tihani. They conclude that Clan Belsoto is being led by a more powerful individual than the captains, and that the Clan poses a far greater threat to the Archipelago than they previously thought. They decide to seek the assistance of the four ArchTamers to help defeat the Clan. After the player proves their strength to Tihani, they are allowed to join in on the plan, and they set off for Kisiwa to meet Carlos.


On-board the Narwhal, on the way to Kisiwa, Lady Lottie and the Belsoto attack the airship. The ship is critically damaged and ends up crash landing in Tucma.

As the player travels through the Tucma surface and approaches Quetzal, various guards allude to an outlaw with the player's name and appearance causing trouble. The guards soon begin trying to arrest the player, and upon reaching the city, the player is thrown in prison. Upon escaping, the player sees a figure who looks identical to them running from the guards.

After clearing their name and traveling to the Kakama Cenote, the player encounters Max disguised as them. Max reveals that they have joined Clan Belsoto and committed crimes in Tucma while disguised as the player to tarnish their reputation. They have also been tasked with retrieving the Shuine's Horn from the cenote for General X. The player battles and defeats them, but they escape, stating that "General X is already on his way."

Max appears again along Kupeleleza and invites the player to join the Clan as well. The player rejects, and Max hints at several new details about the Clan, including their activity in Kisiwa and them having a flying fortress of some kind.


The player meets with Musa and the Resistance in Vumbi upon first arriving in Kisiwa. Musa reveals that Clan Belsoto attacked Kisiwa and has been occupying various locations across the island for some time now, especially its largest city of Uhuru. After defeating several Belsoto in the Juu Tunnel and proving their strength to Musa, the player becomes a member of the Resistance and pushes west to rally with the other Resistance forces. In Upinzani, the player helps the Resistance drive the Belsoto out of the Tasa Desert.

Eventually, the player and the Resistance finally launch an assault to take back Uhuru from the Belsoto. The player fights through numerous Belsoto grunts and encounters Max, who attempts to stop them from opening the city gates. However, Max is defeated and the player opens the gates to let the rest of the Resistance into the city. The player follows Max and encounters General X, Max's superior officer and the mastermind behind the Belsoto attack on Kisiwa. Max, disenchanted by General X's ruthless and murderous orders, declares that they are finished working for Clan Belsoto. General X becomes furious and shoves Max off the ledge of the island, to the player's horror. The two of them fight, and General X almost certainly defeats the player. However, he is forced to retreat as the rest of the Resistance shows up, and the Belsoto are finally driven out of Uhuru.

Afterward, Musa holds the first meeting of the First Archipelagic Congress alongside the Archipelago's other dojo masters, who declare that they must work together to stop Clan Belsoto from taking over the Archipelago. Carlos, Dr. Sasaya, and Adia Turay decide to travel to Cipanku to find further information on the Clan's plans, and the player decides to travel along with them. On the way to Cipanku, Carlos and Dr. Sasaya reveal more information they have learned about the Clan, including their knowledge of the Clan's mysterious flying headquarters, Telobos.


Upon arriving in Cipanku, the player is barred from entering Neoedo due to the Belsoto activity occurring to the south. The player fights through several grunts in Iwaba and encounters Telobos docked in the southeast, with General X and several other grunts outside it. They are threatening a Belsoto deserter named Berhano. The player arrives and rescues him from the grunts, who retreat with the general in Telobos.

Later, in Neoedo, the player helps Dr. Sasaya investigate recent incidents of Digital Temtem being stolen from the city's labs. They help Carlos interrogate the Nanto Labs staff and find the thief, who is revealed to be a Belsoto agent. He escapes to the east, but the player cannot pursue him past the Ryokan due to their lack of Crystal Skates.

The player receives more information on the Belsoto from Berhano, and also returns to Max's house in Zadar to try and find evidence for why they joined the Clan. Afterward, the player meets with Carlos and Dr. Sasaya in Onsenshima to discuss their next plans. Dr. Sasaya ends up sending them to Miyako Village to find the Belsoto agent and speak with the High Priest, supplying them with a new pair of Crystal Skates to help them get there.

In Miyako Village, the player rats out the Belsoto agent and heads west to the Sacred Lake, meeting Carlos and Berhano at the entrance. The player fights all the Tamers around the lake to find the disguised Belsoto operatives in the area, and the three of them then prepare to infiltrate Telobos. The main story ends at this point as of Early Access 0.7.


Successfully infiltrating the Telobos, the main character and Carlos blow it up, resulting in its collision with Arbury. Belsoto survivors are left scattered and broken, much as the crew of the Narwhal before them.

The player nonetheless roots out their influence in the island. It is revealed that they have succeeded in isolating its populace from the events happening in the rest of the Archipelago. Initially the protagonists assume dojo master Percival is the mastermind due to him having summoned Nalla (who was captured by the Belsoto), but Max returns and reveals the real antagonist is Professor Konstantinos, who has manipulated both sides of the conflict to keep the Belsoto ahead.

A genetics program was being funded in the Arbury sewers, but the Belsoto retrat. Luckily, Lady lottie defects due to her dissastisfaction with Konstantinos' desecretion of her ancestral homes, and assists the player.

The final confrontation takes place atop a castle tower. Konstantinos, now going by Konstantinos Rex, has used the genetics program to create a titanic Zizare. He nearly kills the player, but the arch-tamers use all Tuwai evolutions to channel the Pan-Sun's light to burn him alive.

Afterwards, the clan is disbanded, but the dojo masters vow to fix systemic problems to prevent similar groups from cropping up in the first place.


  • Lady Lottie is an arrogant Arburian aristocrat, with the aloof manners of an exiled queen. Her delusions of grandeur conceal her dangerous skill in Temtem battles.
  • Dr. Hamijo is a disgraced Cipanki scientist, who now applies his knowledge to the advancement of the wicked plans of Clan Belsoto, using genetically modified Temtem when challenged to a duel.
  • General X is a stern Denizan officer, fond of strict discipline and blind obedience. He is using Clan Belsoto to realize his own dreams of conquest and domination.
  • The mysterious leader of the organization is revealed to be none other than Professor Konstantinos, who desires to restore monarchy and rule as the absolute tyrant over the Archipelago.