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Gender Male
Origin Quetzal
Occupation Shop Owner

Akatzin is the shop owner of Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies in Quetzal.



He is always located behind the counter of his shop.


The player is in need of a means to navigate the Xolot Reservoir. Guildmaster Jatziri suggests checking Akatzin's shop, implying he has all sorts of stuff. It just so happens, the player's Surfboard is in his possession. But since they have no actual proof, Akatzin refuses to give it to you for free. Instead, he wants to make a deal. He wants a Toxolotl in exchange for the surfboard. After the task is completed, he suggests visiting Sugey in the hopes she can help acid-proof your surfboard.


  • He is friends with Sugey, and seems to be on good terms with Guildmaster Jatziri.
  • During the side quest The Hunt for Captain Malika, the player battles Akatzin, who has a luma Toxolotl on his team - this is a reference to a player that accidentally traded their luma to him.