Toxic Farewell

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Toxic Farewell
When knocked-out, the attacking team loses 7% of max HP and gets Poisoned Condition poisoned for 1 turn.
Impact Positive
Trigger Technique Damage Taken & Knocked-out
Effect Status Condition Applied & HP Reduced

Toxic Farewell is a Status Condition applying and HP affecting Trait.


Toxic Farewell inflicts the attacking team that knocked-out the holder with the Poisoned ConditionPoisoned Condition for 1 turn and they lose 7% of their maximum HP.


No. Temtem First Trait Second Trait
#008 Platox.png Platox Toxifier Toxic Farewell
#105 Toxolotl.png Toxolotl Power Nap Toxic Farewell
#128 Kalabyss.png Kalabyss Toxic Farewell Mucous
#149 Hazrat.png Hazrat Contagious Toxic Farewell

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