Alpha 0.2

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Alpha 0.2
Version Details
Type Alpha
Release Date 13 June 2019

Alpha 0.2 is a major release of Temtem. It features the introduction of a new island, Omninesia, and various improvements, balancing changes, and fixes. In this version, the game economy reset, all pansuns and inventory had been wiped for everyone with the Alpha completed.

New Stuff[edit]

  • A new whole island, Omninesia!
  • Character Customization is now available. Players will be able to get/buy new cosmetics and dyes. The new menu option will allow previewing, equip and tint cosmetics.
  • Trading is now available. Trade anything, anywhere, anytime and with anyone near you!
  • New battle mechanic: Traits. Traits are innate abilities determined by the Temtem species. Traits can be triggered at any time during battles and can affect used techniques, received damage, Temtem stats…
  • New battle mechanic: Gears. Similar to traits, gear are abilities triggered during the battle. Instead of being determined by the Temtem species, Gear are items that can be equipped to any Temtem.
  • Tempedia is now accessible. Every bit of Temtem species information is now accessible. We will improve it and upgrade it in the future with the habitat info.
  • Tamer Info is now accessible. Players will be able to inspect other players or even themselves. As with the Tempedia, in the future, we will improve and expand the displayed info.
  • Minimap is now available in-game. Say goodbye to our old minimap friend!
  • New dialog system with main characters. Character avatars will now appear on dialogs and they have custom expressions based on the current dialog.
  • Increased the level cap to 39.
  • Added 22 new Temtem.
  • Added 34 new Techniques.
  • Added VFX to 15 Techniques.
  • Added 16 Luma species including Swali-line, Hidody-line, Raiber-line, Oceara, Nessla, Kalazu-line, Spriole-line and Kinu.
  • Several Temtem are now placed as NPCs in the world. Players can even interact with them!
  • Previously learned techniques now can be re-learned anytime from the Temtem details UI.
  • Temtem evolution has been reworked. Instead of evolving on certain levels, Temtem now will need to gain a certain number of levels before evolving. For example, Paharo needs to increase 7 levels before evolving so if a player captures a Paharo at level 5, it will evolve at level 13 but if a player captures it at level 10, it will evolve at level 17.
  • Canceled evolutions can now be re-triggered from the Temtem details UI.
  • NPCs can now give pansuns as quest rewards.
  • Settings are now available in-game. We will be adding more options in the future but most basic ones are already here including: resetting the character, changing volumes, screen configuration…


  • Luma Temtem will now have 3 perfect SV (50) instead of 2. The rest of the SVs will be randomly assigned between 20 and 50, with the exception of Speed which will remain completely random.
  • Players can now cancel the first Temtem turn and go back to select a new action.
  • Players will now only lose pansuns once against NPC tamers. Consecutive loses won’t be penalized with pansuns.
  • Player avatar will now head track to interactable stuff (NPCs, signs, pickables…).
  • NPCs will now rotate their heads instead of their whole body in order to look at the player.
  • Picking an item for the first time will now show a popup with its details.
  • Interactable things will now show a icon when the player is near.
  • Starters are now female-locked in order to benefit breeding with them.
  • Speed arrow will now be granted to the player who started the combat petition. This way players are able to predict it and plan accordingly.
  • Failing a technique due to other technique (eg Bamboozle) will now show an explicit message instead of a generic one so it’s less confusing.
  • The Temdeck now supports drag&drop while using a mouse.
  • The overworld Squad now supports drag&drop while using a mouse.
  • Added beautiful clouds below Deniz.
  • In-game chat has been improved when writing long messages.
  • Several UIs now supports cycling from the first item to the last and vice-versa or left to right and vice-versa: Dialog choices, Shop items, Battle, Temdeck…
  • The Temtem number is now shown on the Temtem details UI.
  • Belsoto battles now have a custom combat music.
  • Dojo leader battles now have a custom combat music.
  • Picking a pickable item with a full backpack will now throw an error.
  • Several improvements on scrollbars, they should now work more consistently across different input options.
  • Luis map quest will now work with any Route01 Temtem.
  • The cursor will keep its place after inspecting a Temtem and going back to the Temdeck.
  • Implemented cycling between Temtem in the Temdeck while inspecting one.
  • Route01 healing NPC has been replaced with a Temporium Mini. These new Temporium Mini have been placed also on other Routes and places.
  • Evolved Temtem now grants more TV points when defeated than their pre-evolved Temtem.
  • Reduced even more cases where the enemy IA decides to knock-out itself.
  • Added more NPC visual variations.
  • Windward Fort’s last floor will now only hide other players when Lady Lottie is in there.
  • Several improvements on Character Creation UI: sections have names, the flow is improved to avoid confusion and the character name can be previewed before finally accepting.


  • Fixed a lot of occasions where a player couldn’t challenge other players, or where the challenge was automatically canceled when not needed.
  • Fixed some cases where the player wouldn’t jump on a terrain elevation.
  • Fixed missing VO after evolving.
  • Fixed other players appearing on the evolution scene.
  • Fixed smoke walking particle stuck on Max’ cinematic.
  • Fixed some cases where the battlezone was empty while starting a battle.
  • Fixed some cases where the NPC hair went bananas and filled the whole screen.
  • Fixed multi-line signs (like the Accademia books) not working.
  • Fixed A LOT of cases where the game would misbehave when losing connection to the server or reconnecting.
  • Fixed Konstantino’s Lab door opening and closing when you still don’t see other players.
  • Fixed some cases where trying to select other dialog choices would make the select icon disappear.
  • Fixed chat accepting markup language.
  • Fixed a case where players could only have a fainted Temtem in the Squad.
  • Fixed some problems with Max cinematic where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed Temtem not keeping their nickname while evolving.
  • Fixed some NPCs that could be talked to through a wall.
  • Fixed Mirror Shell changing DEF stage instead of SPDEF.
  • Fixed getting stuck if a Temtem learned a technique and another one evolves at the same time.
  • Fixed some cases where stairs stopped working in houses.
  • Fixed the Acccept spelling error.
  • Fixed status condition counter disappearing under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a rock with an incorrect collider.
  • Fixed the disappearing reflection on Briçal docks.
  • Fixed Wind Burst not showing the resistance indicator when used on a Wind Temtem.
  • Fixed Temcards spent without using them if another Temcard has succeeded before.
  • Fixed Vigor status condition not correctly reducing the stamina cost when using a technique.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be able to walk through the Arissola Dojo door.
  • Fixed some problems with the Shop that wouldn’t let players buy certain quantities of items.
  • Fixed incorrect environment audio on Yusuf and Roger.
  • Fixed status condition counter disappering when a Temtem evolves.
  • Fixed interface disappering if the last Temtem was knocked-out while trying to heal it.
  • Fixed a battle freeze when alt-tabbing.
  • Fixed some problems with Lottie’s cinematic.
  • Fixed Backpack UI stuck and overlapping the game.
  • Fixed some cases where reviving a Temtem wouldn’t bring them back to the battlefield.
  • Fixed some cases where the following Temtem disappeared near ramps.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to open several sections of the main menu at the same time.
  • Fixed some problems with the navmesh on Thalassian Cliffs.
  • Fixed some props disappearing near the Windward Fort entrance.
  • Fixed grass making artifacts near Route04.
  • Fixed incorrect UI behavior while switching between techniques with synergy.
  • Fixed some cases where the Backpack could be opened with incorrect alpha transparency.
  • Fixed a black line glitch appearing near Route04.
  • Fixed incorrect turn time reporting on PVP.
  • Fixed main menu stuck while opening it before a battle.
  • Fixed a visual glitch near Upper Indigo Lake.
  • Fixed visual bugs on the Temdeck while using it with both gamepad and mouse.
  • Fixed some cases where players could get stuck between several NPCs.
  • Fixed several messages not displaying Temtem/item/NPC/locations names with colors.


  • Experience needed per level has been increased. This also affects current Temtem levels so now their level is reduced (Temtem at level 27 are now at 24).
  • Stat stages won’t reset when getting in/out of the bench.
  • STA recovery is now bound to the Temtem level. Higher level Temtem will recover more STA per turn and when resting.
  • STA overexertion damage is now bound to the Temtem level too.
  • Catch formula will take into consideration the Temtem level now.
  • Photosynthesis
    • STA recovery increased from 25% to 50%.
  • Crystle
    • Base SPATK reduced from 49 to 46.
    • Base SPD reduced from 39 to 33.
  • Crystal Dust
    • Damage reduced from 62 to 60.
    • Synergy reduced from 87 to 80.
  • Skunch
    • Base HP reduced from 75 to 72.
    • Base ATK reduced from 75 to 70.
  • Pigepic
    • Base STA increased from 70 to 72.
    • Base DEF increased from 70 to 72.
    • Base SPDEF increased from 70 to 72.
    • Base SPD increased from 48 to 58.
  • Scent
    • Effectivity increased.
  • Smoke Bomb
    • Price reduced from 180 to 120.
  • Revive
    • Price reduced from 600 to 500.
  • Cooperation
    • Priority increased from Normal to Very High.
    • STA cost reduced from 9 to 1.
  • Umishi
    • Base STA increased from 75 to 76.
  • Ukama
    • Base STA increased from 85 to 90.
  • Nicho Sai
    • STA cost increased from 26 to 29.
  • Saku
    • Its typing is now Nature / Wind.