Patch 1.3.1

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Patch 1.3 Version History Patch 1.3.2
Patch 1.3.1
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Version Details
Type Full Release
Release Date April 17th, 2023

Patch 1.3.1 is the seventh update to be released since the game's launch in Version 1.0. It adds quality of life features to the Nuzlocke and Randomlocke game modes.

New Stuff[edit]

  • 👥We’ve added an indicator for the Nuzlocke and Randomlocke modes that will show you the number of captures left for the zone you’re currently in. It’s located next to the Minimap.
  • 👥We’ve added a Species Clause to the Nuzlocke and Randomlocke modes:
    • When running into a Temtem they have already tamed before as the first encounter on any given zone, the player can defeat it or run away without wasting one of their allowed encounters.
    • If the player decides to capture that Tem despite already having it, it will count as a valid encounter and it’ll consume one of the allowed encounters.
  • We’ve added new internal rules to the Techniques of starter Temtem to prevent insta-failed runs in the Randomlocke mode.
    • Starters must now have at least one Technique that fulfills all of these requisites: Damage greater than 1, Hold 0 and STA Cost less than 20.


  • We’ve changed the message you get when trying to capture a Temtem once you’d surpassed the capture limit in Nuzlocke and Randomlocke modes. It’s now a new message created specifically for the Challenge Modes.
  • The Anahir given to the player during the story will now be full HP in the Nuzlocke Mode, and the random Temtem given instead of Anahir will follow suit in the Randomlocke Mode.
  • We’ve improved and clarified the process of choosing a name for your character. It should now be more clear when the name you’ve picked is already in use or otherwise not fit to be picked.
  • The Trait and Technique textbox is now scaled based on the description text.



  • The price in Novas of all Premium musical instruments and Premium emotes has been reduced by 40%.
  • 👥We’ve adjusted the Luma Drop rewards given by the species located in the Tuwai Shrines. They will now reward higher amounts of Luma Drops.


These changes were meant to be included with patch 1.3, but didn’t make it in due to a bug. After checking the competitive community’s feelings on it, we’ve decided to include them in this patch to place us closer to the idea of balance we had for this Season.

  • #101 – Kauren
    • STA has been increased 45 ⇒ 54.
    • SPDEF has been increased 51 ⇒ 57.
  • #121 – Broccolem
    • HP has been increased 74 ⇒ 79.
    • STA has been increased 63 ⇒ 67.
    • Gaia has been added to its move pool.


All platforms[edit]

  • 👥Fixed a hardstuck situation at the Evershifting Tower after defeating a floor boss and getting healed.
  • Fixed getting hardstuck if, during the Randomlocke, once the player runs out of captures in a zone they encounter two Temtem, capture one with the TemCardX and then run away from battle.
  • Fixed a softlock after changing the language in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed getting softlocked when receiving the plot of land for housing in a Challenge Mode.
  • 👥Fixed getting softlocked if the Coward’s Blanket was active and, in a dual wild encounter, the player captured both of them with only one free slot on their squad and released the first one captured.
  • Fixed a softlock after receiving a Temtem that the player is not the OT for in the Locke modes.
  • Fixed getting softlocked by the renaming pop-up when receiving any gifted Tem from an NPC in the Nuzlocke and Randomlocke modes. It won’t be possible to rename these Tems from now onwards.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when moving between empty slots in the Tempedia.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck when interacting with another’s player co-op emote while sitting.
  • Fixed getting stuck in battle if the move Piercing Wheel was used in the Randomlocke mode.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck behind Distracted peasant or Studious Yamabushi if the battle against them was started directly in the opposite direction they were looking at.
  • Fixed a black screen if there was a disconnect while attempting to reconnect when seeing the preview of the Challenge Mode rewards.
  • 👥Fixed getting disconnected when a player cleared 33 notifications or more at once.
  • Fixed not being able to skip the capture requirement to unlock the Temessence in the Randomlocke Mode.
  • 👥Fixed Temtem with catch rate 0 appearing in the wild in the Randomlocke Mode.
  • Fixed eggs opening when changing between the main save and the Challenge mode accounts.
  • Fixed a spike of lag after using the incubator machine at the Breeding Center.
  • Fixed the Temtem Plus benefits not being applied in the Challenge Modes.
  • Fixed consumable items running out when a Player switches from their normal save to a Challenge Mode.
  • Fixed Glossy Tempedia, Bright Tempedia and Shiny Tempedia Kudos not updating correctly in the server.
  • 👥Fixed Dojo Rematches and Kudos not being granted when the player finished the battle with a transformed Mimit.
  • 👥Fixed PvP daily, weekly and per-match rewards not being given properly server-side.
  • Fixed some issues related to Showdown Squad configuration and cross-progression.
  • Fixed being able to continue playing with an unlinked account until the primary account is booted if the unlink for the cross-progression was made from the secondary account’s Settings menu.
  • 👥Fixed TCs not disappearing after being used in the Challenge Modes.
  • Fixed Feathers not updating in the “Select Amount” UI of the shop at Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Fixed getting a random Temtem from the Ukama Lover in the Nuzlocke Mode.
  • 👥Fixed getting a different face in the Challenge Modes if the Main Save has a specific Face set
  • Fixed visually spending one Tem Renaming Voucher when trying to change a Temtem’s nickname using Pansuns.
  • 👥Fixed Trade House’s filter not having into account the secondary typing of Chromeon and Koish.
  • 👥Fixed Mimit having DNA Extraction in Randomlocke instead of whatever tech it had after transforming in battle.
  • Fixed being able to pick an empty squad in a competitive battle.
  • Fixed mouse input not working if a player ended a PvP Match with the emote wheel enabled.
  • Fixed Reactive Vial not healing the holder when proccing.
  • 👥Fixed Rejuvenate not working properly on Multi Target techniques.
  • 👥Fixed Techniques that apply 2 Status Condition and have an extra effect not copying the 2 Status Condition through Traits.
  • 👥Fixed Adaptive users being able to receive a Status Condition that should be avoided with the typing change this Trait triggers.
  • 👥Fixed not seeing correctly the HP recovered with the Inductor Trait when attacking a Temtem with the Toxin Skin Trait.
  • 👥Fixed an interaction between Kaleidoscope and Bright Beam while the user had the Seized Status Condition.
  • Fixed Misogi’s Synergy not applying Regenerating.
  • Fixed Bully doing more damage when the target had 2 Status Conditions applied.
  • 👥Fixed Neutrality and Resistant users losing their Invigorated Status Condition when a 1 Turn Exhaust was applied on them.
  • Fixed Dreaded Alarm not showing the sign that it was triggered when attacking an asleep Temtem.
  • Fixed the Acid Reflux technique (signature move of Noxolotl) was being played when used by other Tems in the Randomlocke mode instead of the default VFX animation.
  • Fixed several bugs involving a Temtem dying because of the Dreaded Alarm trait.
  • Fixed once per battle traits triggering twice when a player who doesn’t have the Speed Arrow swaps in an Intimidator Tyranak and a Temtem with a once-per-battle trait, keeps them in battle for one turn, swaps those Temtem out and then brings back the Temtem with the once-per-battle trait.
  • Fixed STA not being updated when a Temtem that was already in the battlefield enters again automatically after one Temtem faints due to being the last Temtem in the bench.
  • 👥Fixed the Battle Log showing the Gears Temtem have in the TemDeck/Squad instead of the ones assigned on the Pro Battlebox if the third Pro Battlebox was the one being used.
  • Fixed activity club log was not displaying the most recent activity when a club surpasses the log limit.
  • Fixed not being able to scroll down using keyboard or gamepad when moving between specific slots in the Tempedia UI.
  • 👥Fixed Galvanid not following the player the first time it spawns in the world.
  • Fixed that Tems captured in the Evershifting Tower could stay with no Techniques assigned if the player closed the game without assigning any Technique.
  • Fixed Luma Drops icon appearing in the Boutiques/Housing Stores after buying something in Nanto Labs.
  • Fixed hidden NPCs being shown if the player has a battle in the zone this NPC is.
  • Fixed not being able to equip the default battle outro correctly if the player had another battle outro already equipped.
  • 👥Fixed Spectate Mode having two Exit buttons in the Settings Menu.
  • Fixed being able to claim already-claimed Housing items from events while doing a Lair.
  • Fixed Megazizare Steed’s jump animation not being shown properly when doing big jumps.
  • Fixed being able to overlap Seals in their preview if a player switched one for another in Temtem’s details.
  • Fixed Luma Koish and Chromeon’s preview in the TemCard thrown during the intro animation not matching the secondary type of the Temtem.
  • Fixed player not showing animations when entering a building using a mount that does not have a matching surfboard when on water.
  • Fixed a wall covering the door of the Royal Castle Construction’s interior if the house was placed in one of the bottom slots of a section at Atoll Row.
  • Fixed the icon of the dye bundles to show correctly the last dye.
  • 👥Fixed a floor item in Malachite furniture shop with price set at 0 Pansuns.
  • 👥Fixed the grid on the Comfy Corner layout
  • Fixed Tamers’ banners appearing with no sprite in the Tournament Finals’ UI.
  • Fixed Tamers’ banner appearing with no sprite in the cross-progression UI.
  • Fixed previews of battle outros having a black and white club banner behind the player.
  • Fixed the Leprechaun’s Eve emote sound not playing in the Event Rewards preview.
  • 👥Fixed the dialogue lines of Musa after fighting him for the weekly rematch. No more confusion.
  • Fixed a wrong dialogue from one of the new NPC trainers at the Arissolan Dojo.
  • Fixed some technique descriptions that were not updated.
  • 👥Fixed a bonus default text appearing the first time the players enter in a DigiLair at Tamer’s Paradise
  • Fixed that the competitive battle outros obtained when changing the animation style at the beauty center did not have names.
  • Fixed “Objective” and “Global” texts being shown in English regardless of the language set in the Speedrun Mode.
  • Fixed the “Retry” button on Challenge Modes wasn’t showing the text properly in all languages but English.
  • 👥Fixed Q/E prompts in the Temdeck being shown scaled after opening a UI that requires the player to choose a Temtem to show/give to an NPC with a controller, and then opening the TemDeck with a controller only to then change the input to Keyboard/Mouse.


  • Fixed the text of the Radar Expert Xbox Achievement was showing 400 radar encounters instead of 300.
  • Fixed a white transparency overlapping the battle intro for a PvP match in Xbox.


  • Fixed being able to access the Competitive Menu from the Ranked PS5 Activity while having the PS-Only option on.