Alpha 0.2.2

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Alpha 0.2.2
Version Details
Type Alpha
Release Date 20 June 2019

New Stuff[edit]


  • Releasing a Temtem that has equipped a gear will now unequip the gear before releasing the Temtem.
  • Running with both Temtem will now only show one message instead of two.


  • The experience formula has been further tweaked in order to penalize overpowered Temtem. Now it has an additional multiplier based on the difference between the knocked-out Temtem level and the level of the Temtem gaining experience. The more difference there is, the less experience will be gained. As an example, a difference of 10 levels will reduce the gained experience by 33%.
  • Piraniant
    • SPATK increased from 50 to 65.
  • Magmis
  • Granpah
    • New learnset: Tornado (32)
  • Wiplump
    • New learnset: Tornado (33)
  • Barnshe
    • New learnset: Tornado (38)
  • Pigepic
    • New learnset: Tornado (28)
  • Kinu
  • Hypoxia
    • Priority reduced from High to Normal.
    • Damage decreased from 140 to 130.
  • Nicho Sai
    • Hold turn increased to 1 from 0.
  • Tornado
    • Damage increased from 138 to 145.
    • STA cost increased from 26 to 31.
  • Technique Courses
  • Plethoric
    • Now increases SPD by 30% instead of modifying the technique’s priority.


  • Fixed other players running without their running animation.
  • Fixed empty battlezones after getting disconnected by idle. (Investigating – I was afk in a fight, when I come back and end the fight, the screen turned black)
  • Fixed some Temporium Mini not registering correctly as a respawn point (Mokupuni and Anak). (Investigating – Mokupuni Last mini temporium not saved correctly)
  • Fixed mouse click not working when buying a cosmetic item. (Investigating – Can’t buy any cosmetics (Spoiler inside))
  • Fixed incorrect trait triggering on evolved Temtem.
  • Fixed traded Temtem from NPCs keeping the nickname of the given Temtem. (Investigating – Nickname carry over when trading temtem with npc)
  • Fixed stats not updating after gaining TVs during a battle.
  • Fixed Sparzy’s weight on the Tempedia.
  • Fixed traded Temtem from NPCs not registering on the Tempedia.
  • Fixed props disappearing after reconnecting.
  • Fixed some performance hiccups when other players swapped their following Temtem.
  • The backpack will now close after equipping a gear if there are no more gears to show.
  • Fixed stuck surf sound during a fade while surfing.
  • Fixed other players disappearing in one frame when entering a battle.
  • Fixed some NPCs that could be interacted through a wall. (Investigating – Talk to NPC over wall, Stuck in place (Aguamarina Cave))
  • Fixed some cases where techniques didn’t get focus. (Investigating – No controller input if no damage move available)
  • Fixed relearn technique not registering when using the gamepad. (Investigating – Moving a forgotten technique to the Tech. list doesn’t save)
  • Fixed Sophia getting stuck after Briçal de Mar cinematic.
  • Fixed getting stuck between tourists in Arissola. (Investigating – Stuck in Arrisola Tourist Group)
  • Fixed Kemal incorrect name after completing their quest. (Investigating – Talking to the navigator triggers strange dialogue)
  • Fixed Ariadne repeating its dialog after talking with her. (Investigating – Ariadne Text Bug)
  • Fixed some more cases where NPC tamers trapped the players after the combat.
  • Fixed getting stuck between two NPCs in Nanga. (Investigating – Stuck between two npcs in Nanga)
  • Fixed invisible wall after using the surfboard. (Investigating – invisible wall)
  • Fixed some hats not previewing with the player’s hair color. (
  • Fixed technique sounds triggering even when the technique failed.
  • Fixed incorrect in-game animation when entering a battle while skating.
  • Fixed cosmetics not appearing under customize after resetting the character. (
  • Fixed incorrect player display on dialogs after resetting a tint. (
  • Fixed a problem with the camera on the Narwhal.
  • Fixed Nanga’s Temporium Mini not having a bye option. (
  • Fixed item amount on the backpack not updating after using them.
  • Fixed some problems with the drag&drop on the in-game squad menu.
  • Fixed NPCs recognizing the player after resetting the character. (
  • Fixed nicknames appearing behind the lava.
  • Fixed some previsualization problems on backpacks. (
  • Fixed trade auto closing when inspecting a Temtem. (
  • Fixed Omninesia Dojo bushes collision. (
  • Fixed some more typos.