Early Access 0.5.17

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Early Access 0.5.17
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date April 13th, 2020
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/temtem-0-5-17/

Early Access 0.5.17 is the 17th patch to be released for Temtem since it's Early Access release. This patch focuses on bug fixes and a few balance changes.


  • 👥 Previous unfinished secondary quests will now show up in the quest log after completing a main quest.


  • 👥 Winning a ranked match against another player in placements will now grant a partial TMR gain.


  • #050 – Valash
    • Cage removed from their technique courses learnset.
  • #054 – Gyalis
    • Cage removed from their technique courses learnset.



  • 👥 Fixed the infinite loading on some computers with old specs.
  • 👥 Fixed pick&ban timer not being displayed in competitive matches.
  • 👥 Fixed a visual bug displaying wins in placement after spectating a ranked match.
  • 👥 Fixed a stuck situation in battles after using a multitarget technique when having only one Temtem left in the squad.
  • 👥 Fixed getting stuck while sitting after interacting with your Temtem.
  • 👥 Fixed the evolution prompt in the Temtem details not being clickable while using a mouse.
  • Fixed Tutorial prompts not being clickable while using a mouse