Alpha 0.2.6

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Alpha 0.2.5 Version History Alpha 0.2.7
Alpha 0.2.6
Version Details
Type Alpha
Release Date 26 July 2019

Alpha 0.2.6 is the 6th patch of the Alpha 0.2 release. It contains various bug fixes.


  • Fixed SV averages in breeding not being ceiled.
  • Fixed empty “Lv.” string displayed on the egg details.
  • Fixed incorrect text size on DEF SVs.
  • Fixed Ice Shuriken not being learned as an egg move by Saipat.
  • Fixed double egg-opening scene.
  • Fixed incorrect color on a tree branch.
  • Fixed enhancer/weakener items being usable on eggs.
  • Fixed traded Temtems not being able to hold a gear.
  • Fixed incorrect following Temtem after leaving a couple in the Breeding Center.
  • Fixed Temdeck not displaying the boxed Temtem.
  • Fixed invisible Temtem on battles.
  • Fixed FreeTem reward not working.
  • Fixed freeze game after fighting dual enemy NPCs.