Alpha 0.2.5

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Alpha 0.2.5
Version Details
Type Alpha
Release Date 25 July 2019

Alpha 0.2.5 is a major patch of the Alpha 0.2 release. Various new features were introduced, such as breeding, fertility, the FreeTem! Organization, introduction of Emotes, and more. Improvements were introduced along with many fixes. This update also featured an upgraded Unity version for the game.

New Stuff[edit]

  • Breeding
    • Breeding will allow players to create new Temtem. You can read all about it here.
    • Each Temtem now displays its fertility in its details. All current Temtem have been updated to have their appropriate fertility.
    • Breeding has changed a bit since the Kickstarter update:
      • Maximum fertility is now 8.
      • Fertility for untamed Temtem is calculated using the number of “good stats” the Temtem has. Each SV over 45 will count as a “good stat”.
      • Having one or two good stats will produce fertility of 7. Having three or four a fertility of 6. Having five or six a fertility of 5 and last, having seven will produce fertility of 4.
      • The time to create a new egg when both parents are deposited is 25 real-time minutes. This time will be reduced to 15 real-time minutes if both parents share the same evolutionary line.
      • The time to hatch an egg hasn’t changed, it will range from 5 to 45 minutes (depending on the species catch rate).
      • Inheriting stat SVs will now have a 40% chance to inherit the better value between both parents’ SVs. Another 40% chance of getting the average ceiled value from their parents and a final 20% chance to inherit the worse value.
    • Leaving a couple in the Breeding Center costs 1 Pansun. This is a temporary price to help test the system and will be increased in the future.
    • There’s only a handful of Breeding related gears (DNA Strands) now available on the Breeding Center Shop. Each DNA Strand currently cost 10 Pansuns. This is a temporary price to help test the system and will be increased in the future.
  • FreeTem Initiative
    • The FreeTem Initiative is designed as one of the methods to obtain infinite currency.
    • They promote the idea that all Temtem should be free and back in nature, so they will reward players for every Temtem released.
    • Each week they will have a special reward, which will be granted upon reaching a certain number of freed Temtem. The rewards will be different every week so players are encouraged to check them frequently to not miss anything.
  • Emotes
    • Players can now express themselves with the use of Emotes.
    • The emote wheel can be accessed from the main menu or by pressing Q (keyboard), LB/L1 (Gamepad) or the mouse wheel button.
    • We will expand this feature and add more emotes in the future.
  • Quest Tracker
    • The current implementation of the quest tracker only displays up to three quests (one main, two sides).
    • In the future, we plan to have a full quest log where players will be able to choose which quests are tracked or check previously completed quests.
    • There’s no option to hide the quest tracker right now (it will be available in the future).
  • All capturable Temtem now have their Luma variation.
  • Added Lady Lottie’s custom music.
  • Added animations, visual effects, and sounds to 28 new techniques.
  • Added a new BattleZone for the Windward Fort’s rooftop.


  • Revised all spawn zones to make evolved Temtem rarer.
  • Final recording and improvements to some music tracks: Temtem Battle, Tamer Battle, Dojo Leader Battle, Windward Fort, and Aguamarina Caves.
  • Added a Release button to the Capture Temtem UI.
  • Reworked animations and visual effects to 16 techniques to adapt them to our new style.
  • Stage effects can now be applied at the same time visually instead of waiting for each one.
  • In dual enemy battles, each enemy Tamer will now throw their own TemCards.
  • Added acceleration while adding pansuns or items while trading or buying.
  • Improved drag & drop on the Overworld Squad.
  • Added an animation when using a healing item in the Backpack.
  • Improved Trade UI with a new ending animation.
  • Evolutions now have a fancy sign to cancel them.
  • Long item names in the Backpack will now scroll instead of reducing its font size.
  • Technique Courses will now display the technique description.
  • The currently used dye will now show how many of them there are in the inventory.
  • Dyeing a cosmetic will now equip it.
  • Exiting the Tamer Info UI will now get you back to the Interact UI.
  • Enemy AI will now calculate which Temtem is the optimal one to swap.
  • Traits triggering on turn start will now have a wait time before starting the technique animations.
  • Tempedia close-up poses have been tweaked and improved on all Temtem.
  • Added fruits to Omninesia trees.


  • Ganki
    • Hypnosis removed from the learnset.
  • Gazuma
    • Hypnosis removed from the learnset.
  • Hypnosis
    • Priority decreased to Low from Normal.
    • STA cost increased to 12 from 10.
  • Lullaby
    • Priority decreased to Low from Normal.
    • STA cost increased to 27 from 25.
  • Tsunami
    • Synergy type changed to Wind instead of Water.


  • Fixed Tamer Info UI only displaying Temtem nicknames and not default names.
  • Fixed previously selected technique position reset after swapping an ally.
  • Fixed wrong character textures on some cinematics.
  • Fixed incorrect player facial expression when opening Character Customization for the first time.
  • Fixed world props not loading correctly after exiting a building.
  • Fixed MiniTemporium icon incorrectly displaying on Sillaro River.
  • Fixed some cases where players could get stuck while sliding on crystal areas.
  • Fixed Revitalize + having an incorrect hold.
  • Fixed players getting stuck when exiting Omninesia’s Lift.
  • Fixed getting stuck on Deniz if the Narwhal boarding failed.
  • Fixed Settings UI displaying an incorrect selection sprite after resetting the character.
  • Fixed incorrect Gear owner name after swapping a Temtem.
  • Fixed incorrect HP display after overexertion and mirroring.
  • Fixed incorrect camera position after failing a technique due to Bamboozle or Intimidation.
  • Fixed special music like the belsoto track changing to regular battle music after an evolution.
  • Fixed visual artifacts on some Luma Temtem trail.
  • Fixed Temtem NPC being invisible sometimes.
  • Fixed Granpah not having a gender.
  • Fixed players getting stuck with Tihani’s Dojo guard.
  • Fixed Visesia dialog.
  • Fixed players getting stuck between NPCs in Zadar.
  • Fixed incorrect music playing on the player house.
  • Fixed a problem that was caused by interacting with a pickable while on a moving platform.
  • Fixed values not displaying properly while leveling up.
  • Fixed technique details button not working sometimes.
  • Fixed Pyromaniac description not updated with the latest balance change.
  • Fixed Lottie's Diary being tradeable.
  • Fixed evolution and relearn techniques not working on Temtem stored on the Temdeck.
  • Fixed not being able to drag techniques to empty spots.
  • Fixed incorrect visual rendering on the Windward Fort.
  • Fixed Windward Fort doors not working.
  • Fixed Trade canceled after inspecting a Temtem and then selecting it for the trade.
  • Fixed going to limbo after using a Smoke Bomb.
  • Fixed some visual artifacts and errors on some cosmetics.
  • Fixed player position after finishing Dr. Hamijo’s cinematic.
  • Fixed damage inconsistency while using Chaing Lighting against a Temtem with Fainted Curse.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the Narwhal camera drift problems.
  • Fixed pickables reappearing after traveling back to Deniz.
  • Fixed player reflections being visible on Gifted Bridges.


  • Upgraded Unity version. This should fix/improve some problems and maybe create new ones.
  • Tihani’s Dojo has been simplified to turn down the difficulty.
  • Capturing Temtem is easier now, the formula has been revised.
  • Renamed Caffeine trait to Caffeinated.
  • Renamed Gills Proficiency trait to Hydrologist.