Early Access 0.6.12

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Early Access 0.6.12
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date October 27, 2020
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/temtem-0-6-12/

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.

New Stuff[edit]

  • One new Tempedia entry: #143 Koish.
    • Koish is a very unique Water Temtem that features 12 subspecies including one for each Temtem type (Water/Fire, Water/Nature…).
    • Apart from the 12 different subspecies, Koish also presents a set of unique mutations in each individual Temtem which creates 10,368 different unique combinations.
  • 👥 Added Fishing:
    • Players can now get a Fishing Rod at the Nuru Lodge after completing Kisiwa’s main quest.
    • The Fishing Rod can be used in any water zone that currently features a Temtem spawn.
  • The Nuru Lodge now hosts a new weekly activity.
    • This activity is directly related to Fishing and the new Temtem, Koish.
    • Each week the Nuru Lodge will only present one of the Koish 12 subspecies.
    • Players will be asked to find a specific Koish specimen from that subspecies and they’ll need to comb the Nuru Lodge each week to find it.
    • This activity will grant pansuns and rewards based on a loot pool (more on this later).
  • 👥 Dojo Leader Rematches are now in session:
    • Each week, players will get the chance to re-match each of the dojo leaders they’ve already beaten during the Campaign.
    • They will feature new team configurations from week to week, and these battles will use the competitive ruleset (including pick and bans!) so be ready for a challenge.
    • Winning will earn you a good amount of Pansuns (based on how many tries you needed to win them), and up to three Radars per week.
  • Presenting Temtem radars:
    • Radars are a new item type based on chaining encounters to get increased Luma chances and Tems with better SVs.
    • Each Temtem radar will help players track a specific evolutionary line in their natural habitats. While the radar is active, some Temtem will spawn in the overworld near their spawn zones, and approaching them will trigger a radar encounter.
    • Defeating or capturing a Temtem in a radar encounter will increase the chain. But running away from a radar encounter Temtem, or defeating/capturing a Temtem outside a radar encounter will break the chain and even the whole radar.
    • After the chain reaches 50 encounters, Temtem in the special encounters will start appearing with a minimum SV value of 10. 100 encounters and the minimum SV value will be 20.
    • Reach 200 encounters and things start to get spicy – the Luma chance for those Temtem will be multiplied by 5. Reach 300 and the multiplier will be 10!

Each radar is limited to 400 encounters, after which the radar will break and players will need to get a new one.

  • You can now lend a hand at the Postal Service Office in a new daily activity:
    • Drop by the Postal Office in Uhuru every day to receive parcels you need to deliver to NPCs around the Archipelago.
    • You’ll be rewarded for your help, of course!
  • Players can now access the Quest Diary:
    • This new feature will allow players to check all their pending quests instead of just the three recent ones as the current quest log displays.
    • Players are also able to choose which quests they’re currently tracking on the quest log.
    • It will also categorize quests by type, and it will show all the steps you have already completed in any given questline.
  • Added the brand new Wishing Wells:
    • Each island now holds a Wishing Well and we’ve included a new item: the WishYouWell coins.
    • Players will be able to throw their WishYouWell coins to the Well and obtain a reward from a loot pool.
    • There are many possible rewards Wishing Wells can give, and each Well will give different ones. Try to find them all!
  • Saipark has a new, in-game board! Players will be able to see at a glance the special Temtem that appear that week, plus all of the details after interacting with it.
  • FreeTem! also gets a new, in-game board where players can see all the rewards for the week, and more details after interacting with it.
    • Since both Saipark and FreeTem! information can now be seen in-game, we will stop posting the new configuration each week on our social platforms.
  • 👥 Introducing a new item type – Egg Technique Courses:
    • Players will now be able to teach egg techniques to their Temtem without having to breed for them.
    • ETCs are a consumable item, so they can only be used once.
    • They can drop from certain activities but they’re a rare item, so breeding will still be the easiest and most accessible way to gain an egg technique.
  • 👥 Marvel at the new Telomere Hack: Trait Swap:
    • This new item allows Players to swap their Tem’s trait at the cost of one Fertility point.
  • Welcome the new Pro Incubator!
    • Using tickets Players can now interact with the Pro Incubator in the Breeding Center.
    • Hatch your eggs instantly with this brand new machine!
  • Yet another novelty item, Pheromones!
    • Pheromones are a new set of consumable items.
    • Each evolutionary line has a unique set of Pheromones that will greatly increase the chances of encountering said species in the wild while the item is active.
  • Introducing Loot Pools:
    • Loot Pools are our new way to handle rewards for some of the new activities.
    • Instead of having a predetermined set of rewards (like the ones in the FreeTem! activity), rewards will be granted randomly from a bigger pool.
    • Each activity has its own configuration of how much pansuns, which items, and probabilities per item.


  • 👥 Fertility on untamed Tems will now only be reduced when the SVs are over or equal to 49 instead of 45.
  • 👥 Added a setting to choose whether or not you see your own nickname above your character.
  • 👥 When using an item that modifies SVs or TVs, the message will now display the previous and new values.
  • 👥 Items in the backpack are now arranged alphabetically.
  • 👥 The UI in the Shop will now display items in the same order they follow in the backpack.
  • 👥 Added a new backpack folder to group DNA Strands.
  • 👥 The number of dyes will now appear even if the player only has a single unit of a dye.
  • If an NPC has both an active quest and a new quest, only the new quest icon will be visible on the map.
  • Scent now displays a visual effect while it’s active.
  • You’ll now see other players in the world display the battle idle animation when they’re in a match.
  • Improved enemy AI on both NPC and wild Temtem so they won’t rest in the first turn of a match.


  • #111 – Grumvel
    • Added Goring to the egg technique learnset.


  • FreeTem! will now have a limit of pansuns earned from releases per week.
    • FreeTem! was never intended to be the main pansun earning method for the game, so now that we’re including several new money-making methods, we want to put a limit on how much a user can gain through this and focus it on **the weekly rewards and as an extra bonus for breeders looking for their perfect individuals.
    • This number will match the highest tier reward for that week. You might still release more tems, but it won’t grant you monetary rewards past that cap.
    • Based on our internal data, less than 5% of the active population was exceeding this limit so the majority of the population won’t be affected by the change.
    • This was also one of the main activities that attracted people using bots or RMT sellers and we want to move our focus to other, more interactive, activities.
  • Luma rate is now 1:10,000
    • While we know this is going to cause some controversy, with the inclusion of the new active Luma hunting method we felt we needed to tweak the default luma rate.
    • With this change, we aim to democratize a bit of the Luma population (or at least, the possibilities) between the active players and the passive ones.
    • With this rate and the radar bonuses, the chances can scale up to 1:1,000 while the radar is active.
    • Due to changes in the map, all users have been relocated to the latest visited Temporium or safe zone.


  • Fixed the door of the furniture shop in Uhuru that appeared red on the map.
  • 👥 Players can no longer attempt to purchase dye bundles if they already have 99 dyes of one of the dyes in the bundle.
  • Fixed the animation for changing a Temtem happening when an egg from the same species as the leading Tem was placed at the front of the squad.
  • 👥 Fixed an incorrect text appearing after triggering Alerted while being Immune.
  • Fixed Wrecked Farewell not proccing after fainting due to overexertion.
  • Fixed the “Busy” message not showing the proper dialog when trying to invite a Player to a Co-op party while they were in a battle.
  • Fixed Prideful and Self-Esteem not being triggered after knocking out an ally.
  • Reduced the size of Goty’s battle model.
  • King’s Roar no longer hides your Temtem if you use it on your team.
  • 👥 Fixed wild Momo in the Kilima Peaks only having 3 techniques in their learnset.
  • Fixed an NPC’s position when changing floors at the Aguamarina Caves.
  • Fixed a softlock that happened while carrying a single Tem or having one out of two faint during a battle, and capturing and releasing a temtem during a double encounter.
  • Fixed dialogue with the Arissola Hotel chef.
  • Fixed a visual bug where you could have all the Temtem in your squad seemingly selected in the Temdeck.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t release a Temtem in battle if the opposing tem was going to kill your only remaining Temtem in the next turn.
  • Fixed a freeze in the TemDeck when you selected a Temtem and then tried using the Filter button.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unavailable medicine items to visually appear available during combat.
  • Fixed a softlock that happened when, while seeing the dialogue of scent or pheromones ending, another player sends and cancels a Co-op request.
  • Fixed the vault bugging when the player pressed a certain key while in the dye quantity selection pop-up.
  • Fixed dialogue with a Sakultist NPC.
  • Fixed a softlock that happened when the Co-op party was canceled while using a TC on one of your Temtem.
  • 👥 Fixed Mirroring and Toxic Skin not proccing when the Temtem with one of these traits fainted after being targeted by any technique.
  • Fixed the turn indicator remaining visible in battle after all your Temtem have fainted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to not be relocated to the Temporium if the server was reset during a coop fight in which they were already defeated.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a player to have an invalid, entirely fainted squad, if they disbanded a Co-op match with their entire team defeated just before a server restart.
  • Fixed long names not being fully shown in the list of players displayed in the Interact Menu.
  • Fixed some visual issues with the characters’ 3D models during dialogues.
  • Fixed a transition in animations that briefly showed characters T-posing.
  • Fixed the Egg Technique icon appearing incomplete if the Technique was at the bottom of the Learned Techniques list.
  • Fixed being able to send empty messages in the chat.
  • Fixed status condition Frozen not activating Smazee’s trait Fever Rush.
  • Fixed getting stuck while trading after opening the Temdeck filter.
  • Fixed a UI issue in the competitive Pick and Ban phase where you could select one of your Temtem while having another Menu opened.
  • 👥 Fixed the housing mailbox signs club info being incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed the NPC’s feet not appearing in the right place after a reconnection.
  • Fixed that timing out during swap selection was giving one of the players an extra minute.
  • Fixed not being able to interact with a starter if the server restarted while you were picking one.
  • Fixed some texts that weren’t properly translated into Chinese.
  • Fixed a case that would cause a Temtem to appear duplicated in a competitive match if one player timed out in the swap menu.