Early Access 0.7.1

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Early Access 0.7 Version History Early Access 0.7.2
Early Access 0.7.1
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date April 20, 2021
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/temtem-0-7-1/

These patch notes might include spoilers, including Temtem names and bits of the Main Quest. Read at your own discretion.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.

  • Fixed the error caused by the luma version of #146, Waspeen. Returned the luma versions of #145 and #146 back to the game.
  • Fixed the Mechanical Heat error. Reverted the change we made where using Mechanical Heat translated into Fire Flame.
  • 👥Fixed the softlock caused by using a multitarget technique on an enemy Temtem with the Evading status.
  • 👥Fixed the softlock caused by using Cooperation with a Temtem that had the Team Elusive trait.
  • Fixed not being able to select an island if we closed the map too fast after discovering a new island.
  • Fixed a softlock if we pressed the hotkey for the map while having the world map opened to travel with the Narwhal.
  • Fixed traits not working on Lairs if someone had activated a bonus of single use per battle.
  • Fixed a softlock caused by the lair bonus “Status Curse”.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock after a second egg reached the end of its timer while being in the Lair Party Menu.
  • Fixed the Lair Shop UI not updating the prices (server-side) after having activated the discount bonus.
  • 👥Innocent Quetzallian has been removed from the Postal Service pool due to triggering a softlock. “Innocent”, am I right?
  • 👥Fixed being teleported to the bridge at the entrance of Windward Fort if a Tamer jumped to start using the surfboard in the zone under this part of the map.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock caused by a Tamer runing towards their Co-op partner while the other Tamer was using the Cableway in Omninesia.
  • Fixed a softlock if a Tamer lost connection in the transition to a fishing battle.
  • Fixed a softlock in Co-op after defeating two enemy Temtem at the same time and waiting for the next Temtem to be sent into the battlefield.
  • Fixed getting stuck with the skates if you progressed on the Lost Grandpa quest.
  • Fixed getting stuck on a dialogue if Co-op was started between a Tamer doing the Incognito part of the Tucma story and the other Tamer wasn’t wearing the Incognito cosmetics.
  • Fixed getting stuck between two NPCs in a house of Neoedo.
  • 👥Fixed a black screen when entering the Mokupuni dojo.
  • Fixed lairs configuration being the same after completing them for the first time on a week. Lairs change weekly, or after completing them successfully.
  • Fixed the Interact button not being available in the chat.
  • 👥Fixed being able to search for yourself in the Interact Menu.
  • 👥Fixed STA values not being shown properly in the EXP UI in battle.
  • Fixed markers not being shown properly for A Better Future quest if we started it speaking with Minos instead of Pasiphäe.
  • 👥Fixed a visual bug where the egg stored on the Incubator Device was disappearing after capturing a Temtem.
  • Fixed eggs not being visible in the Incubator Device if we obtained an egg from any Loot Pool (Postal service, Lairs…).
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck on a dialogue due to delivering a Parcel from the Postal Service while in Co-op.
  • Beccario has been removed from the Postal Service pool to avoid not being able to deliver their parcel after the Cipanku Main Quest.
  • Removed 2 Belsoto NPCs from the Postal Service pool.
  • 👥Fixed some zones in Kisiwa where the Radar’s Temtem were spawning out of bounds.
  • 👥Fixed encounters in zones with no grass at Pillars of Highabove.
  • Fixed Temtem not spawning on a grass patch of the Kwea Uplands.
  • 👥Fixed the move pool of the Koish of one NPC Tamer in Pillars of Highabove.
  • 👥Fixed Chromeon spawning with moves that don’t match its type variant.
  • 👥Fixed that a previously transformed Mimit would not regain its original form upon entering a Ranked match.
  • Fixed the secondary type being shown in the Capture UI after taming a Mimit transformed into any non-digital Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed techniques getting stuck in place if a Player was moving a technique using a keyboard and a controller at the same time.
  • Fixed Neutrality not avoiding the Doom status condition.
  • Fixed Lifeful Sap healing (visually only) the full HP of enemy Temtem on the left after the first turn.
  • 👥Fixed the interaction between Voodoo and Autodestruction resulting (visually only) in one of the enemy Temtem restoring HP.
  • Fixed the VFX for Savage Suplex, Hook and Hypoxia.
  • Fixed Scavenger not applying (client-side) after the Mythical Temtem lost one life in the Lair.
  • Fixed Serbatiyo's Wrath increasing 2 SPATK Stages if it hit two enemy Temtem.
  • Fixed Cooperation not healing the caster of the technique.
  • Fixed wild Saipat not attacking first turn at level 2-3.
  • Fixed changing from the Performance tab to the Medicine one after selling all units of a Performance item.
  • Fixed tamer and ally tem being in the scene of a Technique where the player’s avatar an the ally Temtem should be hidden.
  • Fixed the Tamer not being hidden when a Temtem used Tsunami the same turn an ally luma Temtem entered the battlefield.
  • Fixed two NPCs staying on camera range after they leave the scene in a cinematic if a Player is playing on 21:9 resolution.
  • Fixed showing Temtem’s portrait in the Competitive Squad in the TemDeck after dismissing a Temtem on the Competitive Squad instead of just fading the portrait out.
  • Fixed that the in-battle card indicator for Co-op was showing the fainted Temtem in the wrong team.
  • 👥Fixed the Radar’s UI not disappearing if a player finished the radar while the weekly reset was happening.
  • Fixed all prompt for the Housing edit UI being overlapped the first time a Tamer used it after opening the game.
  • 👥Fixed the wrong creation date appearing on the confirmation window for the Club Creation menu.
  • Fixed the Interact prompt appearing in the middle of the screen during a competitive match if the Tamer had the Interact prompt active while the match was starting.
  • Fixed Telobos’ collisions not being disabled after it’s gone in the cinematic.
  • Fixed not being able to move while siting on a bench in Kupeleleza.
  • 👥Fixed the collisions in the lake of the Thalassian Cliffs.
  • 👥Fixed the collisions in some benches of Nanto Labs.
  • 👥Fixed a collision in a house in Quetzal.
  • Fixed a floating window in a house in Miyako Village.
  • Fixed a missing texture under one of the bridges of Onsenshima.
  • Fixed a reflection on the water popping while going from Neoedo to the Rice Fields.
  • Fixed a jump in Iwaba not being displayed on the map.
  • Fixed the Ryokan’s mini-Temporium not having an icon on the map.
  • 👥Fixed Nanto Labs Receptionist NPC changing their name label mid dialogue.
  • 👥Fixed Aya’s name being changed mid-dialogue in Nanto Labs.
  • Fixed the Select prompt being shown for a keyboard while using the mouse in the World Map UI.
  • Fixed having the keyboard prompts on the UIs while using a mouse if the player slightly moved the mouse after opening any UI with the keyboard.
  • Fixed the Immunity Icon being shrunk in the battle UI.
  • Fixed the description for the Matcha gear being displayed wrongly when it procs.
  • 👥Fixed the ‘Lairs Are Now Accessible’ tutorial being shown if a Player activated every shrine except for the Earth one.
  • 👥Fixed Fluid Barrier’s description: it increases 1 SPATK 1 SPDEF.
  • 👥Fixed Tortenite's Garden HP restoration values in its description.
  • 👥Fixed Energy Reserves’ description not being updated with the changes made with the 0.7.0 patch.
  • Fixed the selection arrow getting out of place if you hovered an option while pressing the animation key in the Character Creation menu.
  • Fixed the Overexerted message not being updated if we changed the language mid-battle.
  • Fixed two NPCs having the same name in Spanish.
  • Fixed Electric Custodian not being shown properly in the Capture UI in Spanish.
  • Fixed Toxin Crusher’s description in Spanish. It now reads: “El daño infligido a Temtem de tipo Tóxico aumenta un 30%”.
  • Fixed CoolTam leather jacket and Sporty tamer trousers’ names not being displayer properly in Spanish in the Boutique.