Early Access 0.6.17

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Early Access 0.6.17
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date December 2, 2020
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/temtem-0-6-17/

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


  • 👥The Koish in battle will now be under the same lighting the Koish in the board is. This will hopefully make their identification much easier!
  • Tie situations in Dojo Rematches will now work exactly like in a PVP match.


  • We’ve made some tweaks to certain Dojo Leaders’ teams, including Rawiri’s Tateru, Temtem that were not carrying any gear, and some that had duplicated Techniques.
  • We’ve improved the AI. Some Techniques will now be prioritized, and Gears will be taken into account.


  • Fixed Yowlar radar not being in Musa’s Loot Pool.
  • 👥Fixed radar tems not spawning properly at times, and the cases it caused of the overworld luma not matching the Temtem in the battle.
  • 👥Fixed a battle softlock related to resisting Poison.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck after a battle against Belsoto grunts in the Windward Fort.
  • Fixed Mirroring returning more than 25% of the tem’s max health points.
  • 👥Fixed the Resistant trait not triggering with toxic attacks.
  • 👥Fixed seeing both the pre-evolution and the evolution of a Temtem after evolving.
  • Fixed some Koish wrongly appearing with the colors of the pure water Koish. No more pretenders.
  • Fixed a softlock at the start of a match in Co-op if you had suffered a reconnection in the previous encounter.
  • Fixed a clipping situation when our character used the pneumo-tube to leave for Coral Plaza.
  • 👥Fixed radar tems appearing in the battle scene after having a Temtem evolve during a battle inside the Juu Tunnel.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock that was happening when making changes to the squad right as a competitive match was found.
  • 👥Fixed that the Housing quest, “On Solid Footing”, was visually deducting money from a Co-op partner that already had a house.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock caused by a scent running out at the same time a cinematic started.
  • Fixed softlock caused by cancelling a Trade petition while trying to use the Incubator with no Incubator Tickets.
  • Improved the texts that were causing confusion in the Saipark board in certain languages.
  • Fixed a black screen caused by one partner leaving Co-op in the middle of a story battle.
  • Fixed the radar count not going up if your Co-op partner was the one taming the Temtem.
  • Fixed the radar count going up if you tamed a different species of Temtem from your Co-op partner’s radar.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock entering your house after you’d finished On Solid Footing in Co-op to get your partner’s house.
  • Fixed appearing with the running animation after finishing a combat initiated by your Co-op partner.
  • 👥Fixed the Stamina bar not displaying the right amount of current Stamina when hovering over any Technique if a Motivator Raican is on the field.
  • Fixed a desync in the Health points of a Temtem after storing it in the Temdeck.
  • Fixed radar Temtem’s level decreasing as you advanced on the chain.
  • We’ve removed a completely transparent Pigepic that had found its way into the loading screen. Diva behavior right there.
  • Fixed having half of the scenery disappear if you walked too far away from your Co-op partner during some cinematics and in certain zones of the map.
  • Fixed seeing your character in the middle of the battle zone when breaking a Co-op party mid-battle.
  • 👥Fixed the quest tracker bugging after leaving a Co-op party with someone that was behind you in the Campaign.
  • Fixed seeing your Co-op partner’s avatar empty while hatching an egg.
  • Fixed the surf animation behaving wrong if your Co-op partner triggered a battle while surfing.
  • Fixed a stuck situation in Co-op battles that happened when one Kinu with Protector had died at the beginning of the battle and both players have a single tem left alive.
  • Fixed seeing a different Max than your Co-op partner when Max impersonates the player.
  • Fixed being able to spawn some tems outside of their zone when it was a climbing area.
  • 👥Fixed the backslash key returning a crossed W in in-game chat.
  • Fixed seeing two Koish around you when you quickly swapped them in the first slot of your party.
  • Fixed the Co-op camera in a cinematic at the Giant Banyan.
  • Fixed being able to accidentally skip part of the Tucma Prison while in Co-op.
  • Fixed seeing the Trapped effect animation at the wrong time.
  • Fixed not being able to scroll up and read past messages in the Trading menu chat.
  • 👥Fixed the wrong animation being displayed when you defeated a Temtem using Crystal Spikes.
  • Fixed the barricades in Kisiwa appearing rotated in the mini-map.
  • Fixed a situation where the player with less progress would abruptly abandon Co-op in the middle of a battle if the other player teleported to a Temporium.
  • 👥Fixed the Sleep status icon being too far from Shuine.
  • Fixed the “Filter” option disappearing while selecting a Temtem and closing the options popup in the trading menu.
  • Fixed being able to have more than one object appear selected in the trading menu.
  • Fixed the “Marauders” name not appearing in battle sometimes.
  • 👥Fixed mono Water Koish not learning Cold Geyser and Water Stream.
  • 👥Fixed Wrecked Farewell damage being calculated before the end of the turn
  • 👥Fixed the camera getting inside the player during the Ninja Jutsu technique.
  • Fixed the other player not seeing the change if you changed your title and joined a PVP match.
  • Fixed a case where a Temtem could leave the Temdeck without visually healing.
  • Fixed the trading menu’s “Ready” and “Not ready” buttons occasionally not scaling correctly if the mouse was kept hovering over them right after clicking.
  • Fixed the player’s portrait not showing correctly if they were wearing the Hiking Backpack.
  • 👥Fixed the camera not coming back to the right position after Flaming Meteorite’s animation.
  • 👥Fixed being unable to trigger overworld radar battles if the specific Temtem, Shuine in this case, walked away too far from the spawn zone.
  • Fixed Escapist’s description showing a Sleep icon instead of the Trapped icon in the Spanish localization.
  • Fixed the UI in Furniture Preview showing a black text box if your game was in certain languages.
  • Fixed extra letters appearing in the name of the player you were spectating.
  • Fixed being able to have more than one object appear selected while in the Trading menu by opening and closing the Adjust quantities pop-up.
  • Fixed seeing other players move in random directions and disappearing at the Kakama Cenote.
  • Fixed Max retaining your looks throughout the campaign after you battled them once while in copycat mode.
  • Fixed a softlock in Co-op when letting the turn timer run out on the Release screen if you tamed the last tem in battle.
  • Fixed having your Co-op partner’s name disappear on certain areas.
  • Fixed not having your name disappear on cinematics where it should have.
  • Fixed not being able to talk with Musa in Uhuru in Co-op.
  • Fixed Player’s portrait not being shown properly if we open the Customize Menu and put back a cosmetic we’ve already worn in the same session.
  • Fixed Battle Log not disappearing after finishing a Co-op battle in which at least one of our Temtem gained XP.
  • Fixed Slots of unavailable items not being correctly shown in the shops interface if they were clicked on repeatedly.
  • Fixed having Top and Bottom tabs appear interactable while being in the Vault and Trading interface if you had the Underwear cosmetic as your only cosmetic.
  • Fixed seeing an egg in the counter and in your incubator bag at the same time when you were about to receive an egg from the Breeding Center.
  • Fixed the lightning in the Breeding Center changing after hatching an egg.
  • Fixed being able to fish in a wall of the Arissola Dojo.
  • Fixed your Co-op partner’s portrait appearing empty after evolving a Tuwai in an altar.
  • 👥Fixed Earth Shrine’s grass not moving as players walked through it.
  • Fixed seeing your Co-op partner’s Temtem with less HP right before leaving a battle if both, your Temtem and theirs, had leveled up at the end of said battle.
  • Fixed Status Conditions not being removed after using Sacrifice on a Temtem with the Trait Scavenger.