Alpha 0.2.1

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Alpha 0.2 Version History Alpha 0.2.2
Alpha 0.2.1
Version Details
Type Alpha
Release Date 14 June 2019

Alpha 0.2.1 was the second update of the Omninesia cycle, consisting of mainly bug fixes and a few balance changes.


  • Fixed Sanyu dialog getting stuck. (Investigating – Stuck at npc (Sanyu) Dialogue)
  • Fixed volume reset when alt+tabbing. (Investigating – Sound and Music issues)
  • Fixed Cerneaf incorrect size on the Tempedia.
  • Fixed Kinu not being capturable.
  • Fixed Gazuma not being compatible with TC007: Noxious Bomb.
  • Fixed back button on Settings not working with the mouse. (Investigating – Back Button in settings doesn’t work with a mouse)
  • Fixed some cases where player’s could get past blocking NPCs (thanks for that Shuni).
  • Fixed Barnshe sprite incorrect orientation.
  • Fixed equipping gears not working from the backpack.
  • Fixed some NPCs that trapped the player after fighting.
  • Fixed Banyan & Anak Temtem having only one technique available when captured.
  • Fixed Luma Kinu and Spriole-line not being available.
  • Fixed some visual shader problems with Umishi, Ukama, Fomu, Wiplump, Saipat and Oceara.
  • Fixed in-game UI disappearing under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Temtem name not being colored when trading a Temtem with an NPC.
  • Fixed incorrect gear name for Spanish users.
  • Fixed some doors with visual artifacts inside the houses.
  • Fixed several typos.