Early Access 0.5.5

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Early Access 0.5.4 Version History Early Access 0.5.6
Early Access 0.5.5
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date January 25th, 2020
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/temtem-0-5-5/

Early Access 0.5.5 is the 5th patch to be released for Temtem since it's Early Access release. The release focuses on bug fixes while also adjusting the cost of Breeding.


  • Fixed not receiving the surfboard in the Beached Narwhal quest after delivering a Toxolotl.
  • Fixed errors when changing the Squad order while they were being healed.
  • The Tamer Info screen can now be closed even when there’s an error and it doesn’t display information.
  • Fixed some interactions between moving platforms and opening eggs.
  • Fixed Name Reservation missing icon.
  • Fixed some dialogs.


  • Increased the price for all breeding gears.