Patch 1.3.2

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Patch 1.3.2
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Version Details
Type Full Release
Release Date May 4th, 2023

Patch 1.3.2 is the eighth update to be released since the game's launch in Version 1.0.


All platforms[edit]

  • Fixed a softlock occurring when a Trait that is activated when a Temtem faints is triggered.
  • đŸ‘„Fixed getting softlocked when using certain techniques with Striking Transmog Mimit during a Randomlocke run.
  • Fixed a softlock after scrolling down in the Showdown’s Tempedia if the Temtem shown filled exactly one entire row.
  • Fixed Scent effects being transferred from the main file to the Challenge Mode save.
  • Fixed swapping a Temtem for another in a Showdown team would show the Techs of the previous Temtem on the new one.
  • Fixed Zaobian/Arachnyte being banned on the TemSafari if they’d changed their secondary Type through their traits, and it ended up matching one of the banned Types.
  • Fixed Status Condition order not being the same in battle and in the Squad Menu.
  • Fixed having the mount animation be displayed if a Player entered a cableway while on a mount without an aquatic version.
  • Fixed the Megazizare Steed animation when entering the teleport tubes at Atoll Row.
  • Fixed Player’s running animation being played while being on a mount if a Ranked match started when the Player was on a mount.