Alpha 0.1.3

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Alpha 0.1.3
Version Details
Type Alpha
Release Date December 4 2018

Alpha 0.1.3 was the third patch introduced to Temtem.

New Stuff[edit]

  • Luma Ganki is now available. Happy hunting!
  • Added new Battle Intro animation for one of the styles.


  • Tweaked how the position of the players is handled by the server. This should prevent some cases where users could skip through triggers like building enters or cinematic triggers.
  • The game will now detect if the Server’s version is not the same and will ask the user to update.
  • Disappearing NPCs now will be traversable.
  • Tweaked Luis dialogue in order to remove the confusion about the surfboard.
  • Revive is now cheaper.
  • Replaced all old currency icons for the pansuns icon.


  • Added safe-checks on the black screen after the splash. The local savegame will be deleted in these cases and the save will be synchronized from the server. (Report: Investigating – When I launch game all I get is a black screen.)
  • Added a safe-check on Luis. If your game got freeze when receiving the map you’ll need to talk to him again in order to be able to progress to Route02. (Report: Investigating – Hardlocked – Cannot progress past Trail Keeper to Thalassian Cliffs)
  • Changed Sophia’s second cinematic to avoid getting stuck. (Report: Investigating – After Beating Lotti, I’m stuck in a wall during a cinematic to release Dojo leader)
  • Fixed Lady Lottie’s Grunt stopping the player. (Report: Investigating – Lady Lottie’s Grunt stopping you and getting softlock)
  • Changed several Techniques wrongly set as Status (Finbeat, Toxic Ink…) (Reports: Investigating – Pewki Finbeat is marked as an status attack | Investigating – Toxic Ink has the wrong icon)
  • Fixed some cases where using a learned Technique Course would use the previous Technique in that spot instead. (Report: Investigating – TC001 and TC002 not correctly changing the move.)
  • Applying Freeze now correctly overwrites Cold if the target Temtem had it.
  • Improved Shop syncing to solve cases where a user could buy items over its pansun budget.
  • Selling Shop now won’t be accesible if you don’t have any sellable item.
  • Various fixes on how priorities, speed draws, and synergies acted together. (Report: Investigating – Crystle priority rise doesn’t happen when synergized & pvp speed ties resolved randomly (apparently))
  • Repositioned Route04 Tamers you could find earlier than expected. (Report: Investigating – challenging tamer that I don’t think i should be able to)
  • Fixed an incorrect camera snapping when exiting a building.
  • Fixed a case where you could get out of bounds in the Fort entrance. (Report: Investigating – Minor entrance bug)
  • Floor shader now uses the Shader Model 3.0 so it should work on older graphic cards. (Report: Not a bug – Floor Rendering Issue)
  • Invigorated now works properly when affecting an enemy.
  • TVs from every Temtem participating in the battle are now properly updated.
  • The latest dialog on the Turquesa Ferry quest is now properly working and will give the reward.
  • Unevolved Temtem now have all the Techniques from their evolved forms.
  • Fixed Technique details UI appearing outside of combat. (Report: Investigating – Lingering Move Description Bug (And Repro Steps))
  • Fixed Status Conditions not appearing on the Backpack and on the Temtem details.
  • Status Conditions are now properly updated in the UI when using a healing object.
  • Fixed invisible blocked area between the Caves entrance and the docks. (Report: Investigating – Invisible blocked area)
  • Replaced icons on the Social menu with the correct icons.
  • Fixed Temtem on T pose while doing the evolution animation.
  • Fixed dialogue with an NPC on Indigo Lake (Report: Investigating – Stuck with the Lady of the Lake).
  • Fixed some visual effects on Luma Temtem.
  • Fixed some cases where the surfboard animation was lost after exiting a battle. (Report: Investigating – Running animation on the surf board)
  • Some more typos corrected and dialogue fixes.