Early Access 0.7.4

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Early Access 0.7.4
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date July 15, 2021
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/patch-0-7-4/

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.

Important Notice[edit]

  • The instrument delay setting has been reset for everyone. This was supposed to be 0ms when we launched the instrument featured, but it was set to 500ms by default.
    • This will make the toy piano feel better and more responsive.
    • Players are still able to tweak the setting, which is useful in case different players want to sync their tunes to play together.


  • Some messages at the end of battles (money lost when losing, money won during a dojo rematch, and TMR changed during a ranked battle) now won’t skip automatically.
  • Added some more vibration triggers in battle and while jumping or climbing.



  • 👥Telomere Hacks and Hotfixes can now be sold to NPCs.
    • Hacks are sold for 1000 Pansuns each, and Hotfixes are sold for 2000 Pansuns each.


  • The Mythical Temtem in Lairs will now be a bit tankier.
  • Medicine items are now slightly more expensive during lairs.


  • 👥The TMR formula will no longer take into consideration the number of healthy Temtem left on the battlefield.
    • While this made sense on paper, it has lead to unwanted behaviors (like surrendering the moment your rival has a minimal lead) and it promoted certain team compositions over others.
  • The top Tournament league will now start at 1500 TMR instead of 1600.
  • Pansun rewards for the top tournament league participants have been increased.


  • #080 – Pocus
    • DEF increased 36 ⇒ 40.
    • SPDEF increased 46 ⇒ 51.
  • #115 – Oceara
    • SPATK increased 103 ⇒ 105.
    • Aquatic Whirlwind has been removed from its moveset.
    • Water Blade has been added to its moveset.
  • #133 – Tuvine
    • ATK increased 65 ⇒ 74.
    • SPATK increased 56 ⇒ 60.
    • SPD increased 65 ⇒ 70.
  • #144 – Vulffy
    • HP reduced 54 ⇒ 50.



  • Talisman
    • It now denies the Doom status for both the holder of the Gear and its ally.
  • Shuine's Horn
    • In addition to its current effect, the type-changed techniques now do an additional 25% damage.


  • Darkness
    • Priority lowered Ultra ⇒ Very High.
    • Hold reduced 2 ⇒ 1.
  • Toxin Shower
    • It will now target every Temtem in the battlefield except for the caster.
    • It will now apply 2 turns of Evading to the caster.
    • STA cost increased 10 ⇒ 15.
  • Water Blade
    • Damage increased 52 ⇒ 64.
    • Priority increased Low ⇒ Normal.
    • STA cost increased 10 ⇒ 15.
  • Autodestruction
    • Now the rivals will get hit before the Temtem that uses the technique faint, leading to a win for the caster in case there is a tie.


  • 👥Fixed Dojo Rematches not ending at turn 30 on some occasions.
  • Fixed some places where Tamers could get stuck while sliding on the crystal.
  • Fixed displaying an earlier month on the Titles for the Tournaments.
  • [PS5] Fixed Haptics happening on Technique animations even with the Haptic Feedback setting turned off.
  • 👥Fixed Status conditions only being applied to one Temtem if a Striking Transmog Mimit used a multiple target technique that applies a Status Condition.
  • Fixed caster getting the Doom Status after activating the trait Neurotoxins on a Temtem with the Toxic Skin trait.
  • Fixed not seeing a Temtem as Overexerted if the ally Temtem faints the turn after a Temtem overexerts, and the Tamer suffers a disconnection while they were selecting an action for that last turn.
  • Fixed technique animations not being played right after the Lava Wave VFX.
  • 👥Fixed not being able to navigate the TemDeck if the focus was on a Gear from a Battlebox and then we switched to the Main Squad.
  • Fixed focusing on a message where the Cursor was placed even though the chat was opened using the Keyboard or a Controller.
  • Fixed not being able to input numbers on the Join Party Menu if you opened it using the mouse.
  • Fixed prices not being updated on the Lair Store when it was opened if another Tamer had obtained the Bonus that applies a Discount to the Store.
  • Fixed controller vibrating when other players were using the hook.
  • Fixed controller vibration being too intense when the character bumped into a corner.
  • 👥Fixed Sasaya’s dojo rematch dialogue defaulting to “No”.
  • Fixed Egg Timers not updating if a Tamer opens their Squad Menu during a battle.
  • Fixed two animations on a Temtem’s portrait from the Tempedia being overlapped if you hovered over them for a very short period of time.
  • 👥Fixed Tamers’ character model disappearing after their Temtem evaded the technique Rockfall.
  • Fixed Tamers’ characters model disappearing after using the Technique Lava Wave.
  • Fixed Bright Beam not showing the damage multipliers.
  • Fixed the Minimonolith icon overlapping with its quantity on the store.
  • Fixed being able to sit while fishing.
  • Fixed having the fishing line deployed for a few seconds if a Tamer canceled fishing at the same time one of the fishing alerts happened.
  • Fixed being able to rotate your character while fishing if the Mouse was being used to fish.
  • 👥Fixed Momo doing its special interaction on its own if a Tamer interacted with it while sitting.
  • Fixed being able to clip through Javi Agüera’s legs in the Crema’s office. That’s what he gets for sitting like that.
  • Fixed Club names appearing much bigger in your opponent’s card during Tournaments.
  • Fixed seeing other Tamers’ name overlapping their character if they found a ranked match while being in the AFK Status.
  • Fixed not being at the right position on the Tucma Underground Map while being in the Gardens of Aztlan.
  • Fixed not looking at NPCs if the Tamer was looking at them sideways and waited a few seconds.
  • Fixed the “look at” animation being canceled if a Tamer interacted directly with an NPC.
  • Fixed SFX in the battles of the Sacred Lake Lair being too loud.
  • Fixed Route name not being shown properly in the Tetzauyo dialogue during the Rock Far quest while playing in Spanish or French.
  • Fixed pronouns code being shown during a dialogue with an NPC in Anak Volcano while playing in Spanish.
  • Fixed some bags that were stretching themselves after the Player got up from a sittable.
  • Fixed Lava Wave making Players’ characters invisible after being used.
  • Fixed Player’s Temtem being invisible for a few frames after using the technique Magma Cannon.
  • The “Leave Tournament” option has been removed from the UI if the player is spectating a Tournament.