Alpha 0.1.2

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Alpha 0.1.2
Version Details
Type Alpha
Release Date 30 November 2018

Alpha 0.1.2 was the second patch introduced to Temtem.

New Stuff[edit]

  • Added a “/unstickme” command. If you find yourself stuck anywhere in the world, use the command and you will be teleported to Aina’s House.
  • Added ESC as a new hotkey to open/close menu.
  • NPCs are now properly depicted as kids, teenagers or adults.
  • Added new hair type to the character creation.


  • Letters are now centered while writing your name on Character Creation.
  • Character Creation UI now shows “Finish” or “Next” along the space key.
  • Removed a bit of extra time on the hit animation. We will improve this further in the future.
  • Added a background on perfect SVs.


  • NPC Tamers stopping you constantly when you already have fought them should be solved now.
  • Battles ending abruptly before they were really finished and causing problems after that.
  • Added more safechecks to Max combat cinematic in order to fix the bugs related to this fight.
  • Added more safechecks to Lady Lottie combat cinematic.
  • Fixed Temtem gender rates. Now you should be able to find female Temtem.
  • Blocking dialogue with Pino should be fixed now.
  • Lots of typos and spelling mistakes corrected.
  • Proper handling on server disconnect and resets.
  • Emotes displaying behind water waves should display on top.
  • Solved some cases where Temtem won’t heal after sending them to the Temdeck.
  • Fixed the desynchronization between the hands and the temcards in Max intro.
  • Using the last item in your Backpack now properly updates and remove it from your Backpack.
  • Temporium Stores now won’t allow you to buy more than 99x of the same item.
  • Fixed Temtem death particles disappearing abruptly.
  • Removed rich text on the chat.
  • Fixed Interact UI keeping every player as selected while hovering them using a gamepad.
  • Fixed some Temtem animations not having their eyes animated (Saku and Loali).
  • Interior plants and vegetation won’t move with the wind anymore.
  • Fixed music stopping after Max battle.
  • 21:9 resolution and higher working properly on the Character Creation.
  • Fixed blocked path to the cascade on Indigo Lake.
  • Added selling value to the Sea Salt.