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The first screen when creating a new character.

Character Creation allows the player to customize their character before the story campaign begins. Various aspects of the character can be adjusted, some of which cannot be changed later in the game yet. If the player wishes to change these aspects, they need to reset their character via the Settings menu. Currently only one character can be created per account. A separate character slot will become available for the planned Nuzlocke feature.

Body settings[edit]

Various options to change the morphological appearance of the character are available. These settings are currently unique to character creation and cannot be adjusted later in the game.

Body type[edit]

Two body types are available, representing a feminine and masculine morphology. They are not tied to pronouns and do not reflect sex or gender, so they can be freely chosen depending on personal preference. All cosmetics are compatible with all body types, with only minor differences in some cases.

Skin color[edit]

A wide range of skin colors is available.


Four style options are available, representing idle stances and running animations. Note: that the stances and running animations are associated with each other and cannot be selected separately.

Head shape[edit]

Several head shape options can be selected. They differ mostly in the lower half, with focus on the chin.


Face settings provide a range of variations for eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth. Note that these are associated with each face option and cannot be selected separately.

Eye color[edit]

A wide range of eye colors is available.


Unlike the other settings, cosmetics can be changed later in the game. Note that various options available during character creation are not yet available in boutiques. This applies to dye colors as well. Also note that cosmetics selected in the character creation menu cannot be traded.

Head slot[edit]

Fifteen hairstyles are available.

Head slot
Image Name
Cosmetics Hat 017.png
Big hair
Cleo bangs.png
Cleo bangs
Femme side part
Flat top.png
Flat top
Full dreadlocks.png
Full dreadlocks
Cosmetics Hat 019.png
Cosmetics Hat 003.png
Long bob
Cosmetics Hat 060.png
Long parted haircut
Cosmetics Hat 066.png
Long wooly
Cosmetics Hat 061.png
Samurai bun
Cosmetics Hat 069.png
Shaved and dreadlocks
Cosmetics Hat 065.png
Short wooly
Cosmetics Hat 008.png
Side bangs
Spiky hair.png
Spiky hair
The Aina

Top slot[edit]

Eleven choices for the top slot are available. Note that all players also receive Underwear, regardless of which top they select.

Top slot
Image Name
Breezy shirt
Faded t-shirt.png
Faded t-shirt
Layered t-shirts
Plain t-shirt.png
Plain t-shirt
Shirt/t-shirt combo
Shirt with shoulder pads
Striped t-shirt
Tri-stripe t-shirt
Two-tone hoodie

Bottom slot[edit]

Eleven choices for the bottom slot are available. Note that all players also receive Cotton Underwear, regardless of which bottom they select.

Bottom slot
Image Name
Baggy pants.png
Baggy pants
Cotton underwear.png
Cotton underwear
Dojo raider shorts.png
Dojo raider shorts
Knit-cuff pants
Laid-back shorts
Relaxed shorts.png
Relaxed shorts
Shorts and leggings
Skinny jeans.png
Skinny jeans
Striped baggy pants.png
Striped baggy pants
Tracksuit pants.png
Tracksuit pants

Bag slot[edit]

Two bags are available.

Bag slot
Image Name
Hiking backpack
School bag


Sixteen dyes are available when customizing the top, bottom, and bag.

Image Name
Aina Pink Dye.png
Aina Pink Dye
Apple Dye.png
Apple Dye
Arburian Rain Dye.png
Arburian Rain Dye
Ceniciento Ash Dye.png
Ceniciento Ash Dye
Cotton Candy Dye.png
Cotton Candy Dye
Forge Dye.png
Forge Dye
Glintwater Dye.png
Glintwater Dye
Medium Purple Dye.png
Medium Purple Dye
Nutmeg Dye.png
Nutmeg Dye
Orange Pansunset Dye.png
Orange Pansunset Dye
Porcelain Dye.png
Porcelain Dye
Sea Queen Dye.png
Sea Queen Dye
Silver Dye.png
Silver Dye
Temporium Teal Dye.png
Temporium Teal Dye
Turquoise Dye.png
Turquoise Dye
Warm Pansunlight Dye.png
Warm Pansunlight Dye

Identity settings[edit]

The final tab of the character creation screen allows the player to create a username, select their preferred pronouns and preferred voice. Currently, the preferred pronouns can be changed, while the ability to change username is planned for a future update.


A unique character name must be chosen. Several rules apply regarding the length, available characters, and capitalization.

  • Names must be unique.
  • Names must be between 3 and 15 characters.
  • Only a-z characters.
  • At most 3 words can be used, separated by a space ( ), apostrophe (') or hyphen (-).
  • At most 2 separators can only be used in between words and can't be used consecutively.
  • At least one of the words must have 3 characters.
  • Only the first character of each word can be capitalized.


Two or three pronoun options are available, depending on the language. They represent masculine and feminine options, as well as a non-binary alternative.


Currently two voices are available. Simple sounds are used in certain dialogues and overworld scenarios, such as jumping onto the surfboard.


Prior to Early Access 0.8, top and bottom slot character creation cosmetics were tradable. This update was not retroactive, copies received before that patch remain tradable.