Early Access 0.5.11

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Early Access 0.5.11
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date February 7th, 2020
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/temtem-0-5-11/

Early Access 0.5.11 is the 11th patch to be released for Temtem since it's Early Access release. The patch focuses on new fixes[1]


  • If the player needs to be teleported back after breaking a co-op party, it will now go back to the latest visited Temporium instead of the latest saved place.


  • Fixed being stuck in battles after all your Tems are knocked-out and your co-op partner breaks the party.
  • Fixed being stuck in battles after all your partner Tems are knocked-out and they break the party.
  • Fixed getting stuck on “Waiting for” in battles after reconnecting during a turn where your latest Temtem is knocked-out and being in a co-op party.
  • Fixed pronouns not working properly in some languages.
  • Fixed getting stuck in certain cinematics (Max, Lottie…) after a reconnection.
  • Fixed Chain Lighting doing more damage to the second target after hitting an x2/x4 technique against the first target.
  • Swapping sit places rapidly won’t kick players anymore.
  • Fixed frozen animations on players after customizing their cosmetics.
  • Fixed being stuck in Ocelotl’s dialog after receiving the new Tems while on co-op.
  • Fixed incorrect egg Techniques on NPC traded Tems (Taifu <> Ukama).
  • Fixed getting duplicate quest items while on co-op.
  • Fixed being able to give away your last Tem to an NPC and having an Egg-only squad.
  • Fixed a problem during the prison quest while being on a co-op party that causes a player getting stuck without any Temtem and outside of the prison.
  • Fixed being stuck in the experience screen after spamming several Growth Enhancers.
  • Fixed desynchronization in dialogs while on co-op during the prison quest.
  • Fixed Temtem not being removed from the battle after getting knocked-out with poison and exactly 0 HP.
  • Fixed not being able to enter the Kakama Cenote while on co-op.
  • Fixed quests not progressing after defeating Tihani for the second time while on co-op.
  • Fixed getting softlocked after receiving the FreeTem reward of this week.[2]