The Turquesa Ferry

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The Turquesa Ferry
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Briçal de Mar
Starting NPC Theodora
Requirements Surfboard
Reward Revive x2
Smoke Bomb x3

The Turquesa Ferry is a side-quest started by talking to Theodora on the docks in Briçal de Mar. Finishing the quest will award you 2 Revive and 3 Smoke Bomb.


  1. Ask at the Riverine Fellowship in Turquesa
  2. Ask Jana, the owner of Sirokos
    • Head north-east to reach the shore you can land on, then south to find Jana (fig. 2)
  3. Find Idris at the pier of Turquesa.
    • Surf west to reach the pier. (fig. 3)
  4. Find the missing ferry, somewhere in the Sillaro.
    • Head north across the Sillaro River and find the shored up ferry. Speak with Captain Paco. He is just south of the long-narrow strip of land with the Miniporium. (fig. 4)
    • Idris will give you 2 Revives
  5. Break the bad news to Idris in Turquesa.
  6. Inform Theodora about the cancelled ferry.