Smoke Bomb

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Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb.png
The best-loved Cipanki firework. The puff of smoke allows you to get back to the Temporium or safe place visited last.
Category General
Subcategory Other
Usage Consumable
Price 70Pansuns.png
Sell Price 35Pansuns.png
Tradeable Yes

Smoke Bomb is a General Item.


Smoke Bomb causes the player to transport back to the last used Temporium or Mini-Temporium. It will also transport the player's co-op partner. If the last used Temporium was on a different island, the player will return to the airship terminal on the current island. It will not return the player back to their house if they were last healed there by Aina. If both players in a co-op attempt to use a Smoke Bomb at the same time then only one will be consumed.


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