No Head For Numbers

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No Head For Numbers
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Briçal de Mar
Starting NPC Josep
Requirements None
Reward Vital Apple x2

Josep has forgotten his locker combination again, embark on an epic journey to solve the mystery and help Josep get his lunch!


Speak with Josep, he is just inside the Accademia in Briçal de Mar.


  1. Talk to the Accademia receptionist.
  2. Talk to Josep at the Accademia.
  3. Look for the slip of paper in the Briçal Temporium.
    • Hint: Speak with Miray, just inside the Temporium to the left, to get the Slip of Paper. (see fig. 1)
  4. Return the slip of paper to Josep at the Accademia.


  • The locker number is 1-2-3-4