Intrigue in Cipanku

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Intrigue in Cipanku
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Return of the Narwhal
Next Quest Digital Vanishings Sub-quest
In Memory of Max Sub-quest
A Castle Too High
Starting Location Iwaba
Requirements ?
Reward ?

Intrigue in Cipanku is the eighth main quest in the game and is received after landing in Cipanku.


To start Intrigue in Cipanku


  • Find the Belsoto flying fortress!
  • Recap with Dr. Sasaya at the Neoedo Dojo.
  • Complete "In Memory of Max" and "Digital Vanishings".
  • Report your findings to Dr. Sasaya.
  • Fight your way through the Dojo of Neoedo.
  • Join Carlos and Sasaya in Onsenshima.
  • Bring some tea and mochi for Carlos and Sasaya.
  • Back to work! Get changed and leave Onsenshima.
  • Head to the village of Miyako.
  • Speak with the High Priest of Miyako.
  • Identify Shiratama in the Temple.
  • Convince the High Priest.
  • Bring the High Priest an Innki as a pilgrim's token.
  • Cross the bridge to the Sacred Lake.
  • Uncover and defeat all the Belsotos in the Lake.
  • Report back to Carlos.



Important note: Upon returning to Carlos on the completion of this quest, all previous islands will become inaccessible for a short time until the Properton airship dock is accessed.