Digital Vanishings

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Digital Vanishings
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Intrigue in Cipanku
Next Quest Intrigue in Cipanku
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Dr. Sasaya
Requirements None
Reward Momo.pngMomo Lvl. 50

Digital Vanishings is a part of the main quest Intrigue in Cipanku and is received after speaking to Dr. Sasaya in front of the Neoedo Dojo.


  • Join Carlos' investigation at Nanto Labs.
  • Interrogate Dr. Wood.
  • Interrogate Homura.
  • Interrogate Alberto.
  • Join Carlos in revealing the culprit...
  • Chase the Digital thief!
  • Homura is escaping through the Rice Fields!
  • Look for clues in the Ryokan.


First, head to the Temtem Lab, located in the northern part of Neoedo city. Enter the elevator on the main floor, take the elevator up to the 1st floor (Main Lab).

Here, you'll be tasked by Carlos to interrogate three people, and select which one is the guilty person. Once you've talked to all three, head up to the third floor, talk to the people up there to check their alibis. Head to the main floor and talk to the receponist.

When you're ready talk to Carlos. Here are the selections -
Carlos: Lets focus on Dr. Wood First
Carlos: She claims she was the first to leave that night, alone. And she says she didn't see or hear anything suspicious... <She went out during the day...>
Carlos: Did she? at what time? <At lunchtime.>
Carlos: That's correct... but is it relevant? <No, because the robbery was later, during the night.>
Carlos: Exactly
Carlos: So, what's your final word on Dr. Wood? Be very careful, <player name>... <I'm unsure...>
Carlos: Lets leave her aside for the moment... What about Homura? <He played a game with Tetsuya.>
Carlos: Correct. And he claims they both saw Sasaya in her office while they played. Is that enough of an alibi? <No, because you can't see her office from there.>
Carlos: Exactly. A weird thing to lie about, isn't it? Almost like he's too anxious to prove his innocence...
Carlos: So final verdict on Homura? <I can't tell yet...>
Carlos: Lets move on to the last suspect then... Doesn't mean he must be the one. Think about it carefully... <he spoke to Aya>
Carlos: And she confirmed that. So, he's not particularly suspicious, in my book...
Carlos: So, our paisano Alberto - did he do it? <I'm unsure...>
Carlos: In that case... let's move to the denouement. Who did it? <It was Homura>
Carlos: Bingo!
Carlos: That was almost flawless, <player name>.
Carlos: Lab assistant Homura. You are under arrest for the theft of Digital Temtem!
Homura: I'm innocent, I can prove it
Carlos: I don't think so, buddy. <Player Name> caught you fair and square. Surrender now and you'll have a fair...
Homura: I can't explain it but... no way!
Carlos: *cough* *cough* what the... where did he go?!
<Player>: Hes running away!
Carlos: Run, get him before you lose him!
Carlos: Wait a second, before you do - have this. It'll help you capture him!
<You've got a new temtem - Melocotón! yay!>
Head back to the elevator, and take it to the main floor. Head out of the city to the East.

After speaking to Naoki at the Ryokan, you receive a Cup of Matcha and the quest officially ends.


  • Melocotón, a Momo Temtem kept as a reward
  • Gear item, Cup of Matcha


  • If you immediately claim that Homura is guilty then Carlos won't bother asking you about Alberto.
  • If you try to claim that either Dr. Wood or Alberto is guilty then Carlos will say, I told you to think it through, <player name>! That's not our culprit... and he proceeds to try to arrest Homura.
  • If instead of chasing after Homura you attempt to Smoke Bomb out of Nanto Labs, you get teleported to the ground floor exit and the cutscene then plays from there.