Lights, camera, action!

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Lights, camera, action!
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Nuru Lodge
Starting NPC Visesia
Requirements None
Reward Turban

Lights, camera, action! is a side quest and is begun by talking to Visesia at the Nuru Lodge. Throughout the quest, the player helps learns the script of Visesia's newest movie and helps complete the scene. After a successful take, Visesia is able to finish the film.


  • Get the screenplay from Visesia's agent.
  • Study the script with the help of the director.
  • Tell the camerawoman you're ready.
  • Star in a movie with Visesia!


After beginning the quest by talking to Visesia through the west door of the Nuru Lodge, the player talks to Visesia's agent to receive the script, inside the Lodge in the top-left corner. Then the player talks to the director, next to the agent, and receives a version of the script with instructions on how to act correctly. With this in hand, the player talks to the camerawoman outside behind the camera, receives the Turban gear, and then has a dialogue with Visesia in order to help finish their scene. In order to act correctly, the player must choose the following dialogue options:

  • (mid) What do mine eyes see...
  • (bot) Betrayed, I am!
  • (mid) I am...
  • (top) Baobdil of Turquesa...
  • (bot) ...prepare to die!
  • (bot) (Whip out a Temcard)
  • (mid) Fare thee well, undying love of mine!

The player has unlimited attempts. (Switch language to english on others, the answers are sometimes the same)

After choosing all the correct options, the player will lost the annotated screenplay and receive the gear Handcuffs as a souvenir.



The player comes across Zuri and Visesia during a take outside of the Nuru Lodge. However, Visesia has trouble remembering her lines. She feels distracted since she has to work with Zuri, an understudy, instead of the co-star who fled because of the Belsoto's attack. On take 37, Zuri prefers to returning to Arbury and making indie mockumentaries. As the player approaches, Visesia recognizes them. After they reintroduce themselves, she vents about the experience of making the movie. The Lodge is too full because they had forgotten to book it, the director had a massive fight with the producers, and just when they had begun to make progress with the main filming, the Belsotos arrived and scared away half the supporting actors and her co-star. However, perhaps the player can help. She asks them to get a copy of the screenplay from her agent, inside.

The agent freely gives up his screenplay before ordering a Lochburg whiskey to treat his stress. The player looks over the script and decides it is too long to understand quickly. They resort to talking to someone already familiar in order to learn the lines, and turns to the director. She explains their film. They are adapting the classical Kisiwan novel "Betrayal at Kilima", set three hundred years ago, during the Kisiwan Unification. Visesia plays the leading lady, an enigmatic spymistress torn between her loyalty to Chacha Turay's cause and her love for a Denizan prince. The player plays the role of Sheikh Baodbil, arriving to meet his lover to find her a Turayan officer, played by Zuri. The two rehearse the lines before they head back out to shoot.

With the costume received from the camerawoman, the scene 13 begins. The Turayan officer, Zuri, asks the spymistress, Visesia, where her heart belongs--with the cause of Chacha Turay and freedom, or that Denizan knave. The spymistress cries that her heart is torn in two, between love for her people and love for her beloved. They hear war drums in the distance signaling they have won, and embrace in a hug. Just then the Sheikh, played by the character, notices the two and believes their beloved is with another man. They burst onto the scene, screaming betrayal. The officer asks who goes there, and the Sheikh introduces himself as Baobdil of Turquesa before fighting with the officer and saying goodbye to his love.

The camerawoman cuts the scene there. They will add the Temtem combat and the Sheikh's climactic death with CGs in post-production. Visesia, excited to have successfully captured the scene, gives the player a prop to keep as a memento: Handcuffs, from the first scene when the airship pirates capture her character, who manages to escape riding a Wiplump. She was keeping them for fun, but finds them a good gift for them.