Find Kemal

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Find Kemal
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Shipwrecked in Tucma!
Next Quest The Battle of Kisiwa
Starting Location Quetzal
Requirements ?
Reward Squeezer
Energy Drink
TC008: Awful Song
Rock Shield

Find Kemal is a part of the main quest Shipwrecked in Tucma! and is received after completing the main quest First Aid. Throughout the quest, the player brings word the Octlana's wife, Izel, and find Kemal. After finding the two, the Narwhal and its crew are one step closer to safety.


  • Tell Izel that Octlana is fine
  • Ask the owner of the Jaguar Lounge about Kemal.
  • See if Jimena at the Lounge has heard of Kemal...
  • Ask a patron of the Jaguar Lounge (Yela) about Kemal...
  • Ask the drunk about Kemal...
  • Dead end! Leave the Jaguar Lounge...
  • Visit Manki at his house
  • Manki knows another way to Kisiwa, via rock-hopping


First, go to Quetzal and talk to Izel in the roundhouse immediately before the entrance to Tucma's surface. The head to the Jaguar Lounge east of there, near the Airship Terminal. They need to first talk to Iztli, the woman in the blank tank-top behind the counter, then to Jimena, the grey-haired lady sitting at the counter, then to Yela, sitting at the table for two in the back, then to the Merrry Quetzaleño, in a green sweatshirt at a long table. After that, they can leave the Lounge and talk to Manki, in the southern part of Quetzal. His house is immediately left of the Smiths' Guild.



Octlana needs the player to inform her wife, Izel, that she survived the crash and will recover safely. After going to Izel's and informing her of the situation, she feels relieved, and then advises them to go to the Jaguar Lounge to begin their search for Kemal. It is the most likely place to hear gossip about who is where.

Iztli, the owner of the lounge, does not recognize the name "Kemal", but recommends Jimena, sitting at the counter. She is also Denizan, so maybe she knows him. Jimena recognizes the name, but only as an infant, she used to babysit. The player decides to resort to asking locals. Yela, in the back-side of the lounge, works as a senior air controller at the Quetzal Airship Terminal and knows Kemal. Although the date wants to continue their romantic dinner, Yela gets lost an instance where Kemal nearly grazed the Narwhal canopy with the mooring mast because he was dared to fly one-handed. She expresses her sympathies, noting the player has been asking everyone in the tavern where is he, but she cannot help. She does not know either. Lastly, the player asks a merry drunk if they have seen Kemal. The conversation with the tipsy man ends with the player singing along to their drinking song, and so the player decides to leave the Lounge and try to find a new lead somewhere else.

Outside the Jaguar Lounge awake a man named Manki and two guards. Manki tells the guards to arrest the player, trying to protect his friend. The guards almost arrest the player, but after explaining their innocence, the guards recognize the player as cleared by Yareni and Captain Koli. Manki feels unsure, though; they have been asking too many suspicious questions about Kemal, who has warned Manki against "creepy Belsoto". Manki apologizes and invites the player to his house.

At Manki's house, the player finally finds Kemal laying on the bed with and a broken leg. After informing him that everyone else is safe and alive, he explains how he a rope he was holding during the crash snapped and slung-shot him overboard. Flying over Tucma and near the western edge, he luckily landed in some interrorweeds which broke his fall. A couple of kids found him crawling an hour later and brought him to Quetzal where he luckily met Manki, his former ex-boyfriend. Kemal and the player continue to discuss their next plan of action. They will need a way to Kisiwa without the Narwhal. He advises them to talk to Manki about a way across. Manki offers free rock-hopping lessons, and will meet the player south of the Quetzal entrance, and apologizes again for calling the guards.