A trip to Kisiwa...

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A trip to Kisiwa...
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Adventure in the Myrisles
Next Quest Shipwrecked in Tucma!
Starting Location Narwhal
Requirements ?
Reward None

A trip to Kisiwa is the fourth main quest in the game and begins after the player boards the Narwhal from Omninesia for Kisiwa. Throughout the quest, the fights Lady Lottie and Belsoto pirates. After their encounter with Lady Lottie, they land on Tucma.


  • Go to the main deck and see what's going on...
  • Shiver me Timbers! Defeat the Belsoto pirates!


The player must fight Belsoto Air Pirates to progress to the deck of the Narwhal. If needed, they can access the Temdeck inside their room. The player has unlimited attempts at winning this battle, but because the player cannot access an area to fight wild Temtem during this quest, if they cannot defeat the Air Pirates, they are stuck in a soft lock.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Belsoto Air Pirates Babawa.png Lvl. 30 Skunch.png Lvl. 30 Mastione.png Lvl. 28 Baboong.png Lvl. 30 573 Pansun.png

Upon victory, they have access to the deck, where they will encounter Lady Lottie. The player has only one attempt at victory in this battle, but does not need to win to progress.

After the fight, the Narwhal will land on Tucma.


The player wakes up in their room on the Narwhal to the sounds of alarms. Agustín rushes in asking for help, and informs the player the Narwhal is under attack. Two Belsoto air pirates attack the player on their way up to the deck, but the player defeats them. On the deck, they encounter Lady Lottie and her group of Belsotos attacking the Narwhal crew. She commands them to sink the ship down to the Downbelow. Upon seeing the player, she attacks them for their trespasses against Belsoto and for vengeance.

After the battle, she says the deed is done, and calls for a retreat. Adia Turay rushes to the player to ask if they suffer any injuries. Just then, Kemal enters the deck and informs the Captain that the pirates blew a hole in their balloon, resulting in losing altitude. Adia calls for her engineer, but she cannot do anything. The Narwhal is going down. Captain Adia commands Matthew to guide the ship to "that rock over there", although they will not make port. Before their crash, she commands everyone to hold on to something and prepare for an emergency landing.