Beached Narwhal

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Beached Narwhal
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Shipwrecked in Tucma!
Next Quest Water Supply
Starting Location Quetzal
Requirements ?
Reward Acid-Proof Surfboard
Shuine's Horn

Beached Narwhal is a part of the main quest Shipwrecked in Tucma! and is received after defeating the Quetzal Dojo Master Yareni. Throughout the quest, the player assists Dr. Sugey, receives an Acid-Proof Surfboard, and opens a gate in the mines. They must fight Max and catch a Toxolotl. After helping the Smiths' Guild, the Narwhal and its crew are one step closer to safety.


  • Ask the Guildmaster to repair the Narwhal.
  • Buy some means of transportation from Akatzin
  • Bring a Toxolotl to Akatzin
  • Ask Sugey to acid-proof your surfboard
  • Find the entrance to the cenote
  • Explore the Kakama Cenote
  • Take the idol
  • Reopen the gate to the Mines
  • Tell the Guildmaster you've reopened the Mines


First, the player must talk to the Guildmaster inside the Smiths' Guild, in southern Quetzal. They then continue to Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies, a round building in northern Quetzal. After permanently giving Akatzin a Toxolotl which they will never get back, caught in the Xolot Reservoir, they gain their Surfboard. However, it cannot traverse the acidic waters of Tucma's surface.

Next the player visits the surface of Tucma and finds Dr. Sugey at her lab in the Xolot Reservoir. This begins the main-quest Water Supply. Upon its completion, the player can talk to Sugey to lose their Surfboard and receive the Acid-Proof Surfboard.

Kakama Cenote is next, entering through the surface in the south-west of the Xolot. Max awaits in the center, ready for battle. The player has unlimited attempts at winning this battle.

Upon defeat, the player gains access to the item behind Max, and receive the gear Shuine's Horn. They can then head west and north to open the gate, and return to the Smiths' Guild to talk to the Guildmaster.



In order to get the materials required to repair the Narwhal, the player visits the Smiths' Guild. The Guild collects the metals from the Miners' Guild and turns it into a large variety of metallic products, meaning it has the resources necessary for tools and spare parts for the airship. However, when the player finds Guildmaster Jatziri, she regrettably informs them that because of the player's impersonator. They submitted fake requests to absorb their time and resources, and they sabotaged Mines of Mictlan, cutting their access to many veins of ore. So, the Guild lacks iron and other metals. The Guildmaster tells the player one possible way to restore their supplies: access to the Mines through the Kakama Cenote. The Cenote connects to the Mines, so maybe from the other side they could reopen access to the veins. However, the only known access rests on an island in the Xolot Reservoir, and acid waters surround the island, like everything in the Reservoir. Perhaps Akatzin has a vehicle to cross the waters--he sells all kinds of stuff at his store.

At the store, Akatzin offers the player a surfboard made in Turquesa and even signed by Sophia, clearly the player's own surfboard. Akatzin found it stuck upright in the ground of the Reservoir. He is will to trade it to the player, but notices they are a tamer, and so requests they catch a Toxolotl for him. They will take the Temtem instead of Pansun, and use it to retrieve items from the surface.

With the Toxolotl, the player makes the trade and re-acquires their Surfboard. However, the wooden board would not endure in the acidic water. Akatzin suggests talking to Dr. Sugey in the Reservoir to acid-proof it. After helping Sugey, the player asks if she can acid-proof the surfboard. She applies a special anti-corrosion varnish, and returns to the player the Acid-Proof Surfboard. She advises the player not fall in while catching some waves and to be careful of the spray. Finally, the player can reach the surface-entrance to the Kakama Cenote.

Clean water pours into the Cenote. The player rushes to an island in the middle of the pool of clear water to find someone dressed like them and with their hairstyle. They stand before an artifact on the island, saying that someone named "General X" will be please upon its retrieval. The stranger then notices the player's presence, and reveals their identity. The impersonator, the individual who sabotaged the Mines and infiltrated the Dojo in the player's name to make them out to be a criminal, the one who put the player in prison has been Max. They attack the player.

After Max's defeat, they brag about General X's arrival for Kisiwa, and how they have successfully stalled the player, before retreating. The player then collects the relic in the center of the Cenote. It appears to have been fashioned from the discarded horn of a prehistoric Temtem. The player deduces that it must have some kind of purpose or mechanism, and proceeds to look around. They find a gate with a hole that the relic fits perfectly into, and it opens.

With an access to the Mines again, the player returns to the Smiths' Guild to inform the Guildmaster. However, Jatziri has already heard, and the Miners' Guild has already resumed work on the motherlode. Because of the player's help, the Guilds will repair the ship free of charge. During the conversation, Adia Turay enters the building. She yells at the player, wondering what took them so long. Her and the Guildmaster exchange information on what the Narwhal needs, which parts need repair specifically, and the other details. Adia asks the player where One-Eyed Matthew is; they inform her that he is in prison. The captain demands that the player go to release him immediately, and the player rushes out to do just that.