Temtem Connoisseur

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Temtem Connoisseur
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Quetzal
Starting NPC Temtem Connoisseur
Requirements Bigu.pngBigu
Reward Egg Timer

Temtem Connoisseur is a side quest and is begun by talking to the Temtem Connoisseur in the building at the Quetzal Airship Terminal. Throughout the quest, the player breeds a Bigu. After the connoisseur has his prized Temtem, he gives the player a trinket for breeding


  • Breed a Bigu and bring it to the man


After beginning the quest by talking to the man at the Quetzal Airship Terminal, the player must submit a Bigu. Bigu cannot be caught in the wild. The player must breed one from a female Babawa. The player will lose the Bigu they submit to him. An egg will not be accepted. After submitting the Temtem, they receive the Egg Timer. Note that each player in a co-op must separately submit their own Bigu.



The player runs into a connoisseur anxious for his airship to arrive. He introduces himself as from Arissola, also where he is traveling to, and explains his love for rare Temtem. He has spent his visit to Tucma completing his Crystal type Temtem collection. He only laments going home without a Bigu. However, the player offers to bring one for him.

After receiving his precious Temtem, he explains its perfect expression, shell, and iridescence. As a reward, he gives the player the token Timer.