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Quest Type Side
Starting Location Vumbi Dojo
Starting NPC Jeremy
Requirements Gravitonic piolets
Reward TC027: Untangle
Baton Pass

Heartbeats is a side quest and is begun by talking to Jeremy at the Vumbi Dojo. Throughout the quest, the player checks in on Jeremy's sister and gives relationship advice. After seeing a couple reunited, Jeremy feels very relieved.


  • Look for Elizabeth in Tucma.
  • Find Macuil in the wreck of the Narwhal.
  • Bring a Zizare to Macuil.
  • Join Macuil and Elizabeth back in the bandit hideout.
  • Report back to Jeremy at the Vumbi Dojo.


Look for Elizabeth in Tucma.[edit]

After talking to Jeremy at the Vumbi Dojo, the player goes to talk to Elizabeth at the Bandit Hideout in Tucma. They must use the Gravitonic piolets to reach the camp. She resides in the far-right building.

Find Macuil in the wreck of the Narwhal.[edit]

After talking to her, they then must find Macuil at Closecall Point, and defeat him.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Macuil Tateru.png Lvl. 56 Volarend.png Lvl. 57 Loali.png Lvl. 57 500 Pansun.png
Bring a Zizare to Macuil.[edit]

Upon defeat, the player then must catch a Zizare and give it to Macuil, still in the same spot at Closecall Point.

Join Macuil and Elizabeth back in the bandit hideout.[edit]

Then the player talks to Elizabeth at the Bandit Hideout in the far-east building.

Report back to Jeremy at the Vumbi Dojo.[edit]

The player returns to Jeremy at the Vumbi Dojo.



At the Vumbi Dojo, the player encounters an out-islander named Jeremy. After battling and winning, Jeremy makes a remark about someone named Elizabeth. After they ask who that is, Jeremy explains that Elizabeth is his sister who he worries about. She has a new boyfriend, a surface bandit named Macuil, and he lives in the Corrupted Badlands in Tucma. Since Jeremy fights in the war, the player volunteers to check on her for him. He helps the player deduce where she could specifically be, but all he knows is she was living with him somewhere in the Badlands. Jeremy hints at possibly a makeshift camp, and that Macuil was a good climber, and that his home was on top of a hill. Before the player goes, he shows them an old family trick used to help Temtem get untangled from hedgerows, but might come in handy for Tucma's interrobush.

The player uses their Gravitonic piolets to reach the Bandit Hideout and finds Elizabeth there. She refuses to go back to Arbury and assumes Jeremy said something negative about her boyfriend. Whenever the player extends a formality, compliment, or tries to be polite, Elizabeth accuses them of being shallow or superficial. She tells the player to tell him to "lick a 'Tem". However, she expresses concern for Macuil. He has been gone for most of the day, so the player volunteers to find him. She says that he was searching where the Narwhal had fallen, looking for uncollected items.

Upon finding Macuil, he claims to not have a girlfriend after calling the player a mine-worm, and then tries to rob them of their Pansun. After defending themselves, they inform him Elizabeth is worried about him. He brushes it off, saying she acts like she is still married to a miner in Quetzal. He eventually confesses he has been avoiding her, unused to serious relationships. To show her he cares for her, he decides to get her an exotic and powerful Zizare, and the player volunteers to catch it and trade it to him for some of the stuff from the wreck. However, by the time the player delivers the Zizare, Macuil has not found anything to trade. Instead, he invites the player back to the hideout, and if Elizabeth likes it, then he will give the player their reward.

Elizabeth loves it and names it after the player, saying that the players name is a common name where she's from. Macuil does not pay or give the player anything.

After returning to the Dojo, Jeremy feels so relieved to hear that his sister is OK. He has no money to give, but instead gives the player a family heirloom he no longer needs.