Blueprint Delivery

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Blueprint Delivery
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Nanga
Starting NPC Oliana
Requirements Access to Tucma
Reward Lightning Rod
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Blueprint Delivery is a side quest and is begun by talking to Oliana at the Myrisles Engineering Cooperative. Throughout the quest, the player travels to the Smiths' Guild in Quetzal and delivers Blueprints. After hearing the news of the delivery, Oliana can get the project moving.


  • Deliver the blueprints to the Guildmaster of Tucma.
  • Get back to Myrisles Engineering.


After talking to Oliana at the Myrisles Engineering Cooperative in Nanga, the player talks to the Smiths' Guild Rep at the Smiths' Guild in Quetzal. They then return to Oliana.



The player encounters Oliana inside Nanga's Myrisles Engineering Cooperative who introduces herself as the one currently in charge at the Co-op, where they design, build, maintain, and repair structures all around the Archipelago. She goes on to explain their latest project, a new mooring platform for the airship terminal, which requires extremely resistant beams. They need to project for many meters without support from below and still manage the stress loads of mooring an airship and moving dozens of passengers, plus cargo. The very best in the Archipelago, the Smiths in Tucma, will create them. Oliana needs the player to deliver blueprints they have been refining for months.

After the player agrees to deliver them, she also gives them another item. They had ordered an industrial-grade lightning rod for their roof, but the one they received was too small. Instead of having them return the rod, she decides to let them keep it. They can probably find a use for it, as a tamer.

At the Smiths' Guild in Quetzal, the Representative takes the blueprints and adds they might take a few weeks to finish and gives them a snare as the Guild's way for apologizing for the delays. Back in Nanga, Oliana feels relieved that they have been delivered, having heard rumors of metal shortages in Tucma. She pays them for their work.