Better Future: Phaedra

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Better Future: Phaedra
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Sillaro River
Starting NPC Phaedra
Requirements Access to Kisiwa
Reward Iron Coating

Better Future: Phaedra is a Side Quest. It's also part of the larger side quest: A Better Future.


Speak to Phaedra at Pasiphaë's house in the south of the Sillaro River after starting the bigger side quest: A Better Future.


  • Get Phaedra a place in Arbury University.
  • Give Phaedra the good news!


Get Phaedra a place in Arbury University[edit]

Speak to Professor Konstantinos in the book shop at the north of Uhuru after completing the main quest: The Battle of Kisiwa.

If you have visited Cipanku and the Professor has left the book shop in Uhuru, you will need to wait until you arrive in Properton and can visit the Lochburg College. You can progress the quest by speaking to Prof. Wardley.

Give Phaedra the good news![edit]

Speak to Phaedra at Pasiphaë's house.



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