Coda: The Legend

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Coda: The Legend
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Carlos
Requirements Started Coda: The Archtamers
Reward Weekly battle against Archtamers

Coda: The Legend is a side quest and is started automatically after talking to Carlos in the Coda: The Archtamers Main quest.


  • Enquire about Endaira at Dabmis' Rest.
  • Consuilt with professor Nakamura.
  • Buy "Trail of the Sea-Queen" from the Uhuru bookstore.
  • Get the book from Toussaint Books.
  • Continue your research at the Miyako archives.
  • Decipher the prehistoric pictograms of Mudshire Cromlech.
  • Find Endaira "under the full Panmoon"!
  • Convince Endaira at the volcano!
  • Find Endaira "under an empty sky"!
  • Challenge Endaira at the Sacred Lake!
  • Challenge Archtamer Endaira in Tamer's Paradise!


After talking to Carlos about the Archtamers, he will point you in the direction of Dabmis' Rest in Aguamarina Caves to search for Endaira. Once there, speak to the Sea-Queen matriarch, she will tell you that Endaira stands under the full Panmoon. When you ask her for more information, she tells you that she cannot help more and that instead you should speak to Professor Nakamura, who is standing just below Dabmis's Rest. Talking to her reveals that there is still an on-going debate about the identity of the Sea-Queen and Endaira and whether they were actually the same person, and this debate has been going on for 400 years, and Lady Catherine's book "Trail of the Sea-Queen" might provide more information for your search. She suggests looking for a copy in Toussaint Books in Uhuru.

Head over to the bookshop and speak to Mavuto and ask if they have "Trail of the Sea-Queen", and you'll be told to look at the bookshelf of the left. After inspection, you find a copy of "Trail of the Sea-Queen: A Study in Comparative Lore" by Catherine of Properton. If you chose to read the book you learn about the legend of the Sea-Queen, and the first contact between the sailors of the Sillaro and the Temtem herders of the Hatless Hill. This legend predates other Denizan script and although more recent than myths about Aisha of Kisiwa, they are comparable in terms of foundation. The book goes on to note that Endaira re-uses the concept of the Sea-Queen and changes it into a seminal rogueish hero, first appearing in written legend two hundred years later. You continue reading and learn the name of Endaira's vessel is the Sogra, which was painted the color of Iwaba grass after a Cipanki Shogun had proposed to her, but that she chose to leave instead, taking the navigator Motei who was born under the waning Panmoon with her. The book concludes by telling you that all remaining copies of The Endairiad show significantly different versions of the legend and the most ancient copies are the most desireable to be used as sources, but that the while monks of Miyako Temple probably have copies older than anyone else, though they had not granted the author access to them.

Make your way over to Miyako Temple and talk to Michiru, asking if they have an ancient version of The Endairiad. You are told that they actually have the oldest known copy of the text and ask to see it. The monks would usually refuse such requests, but you did save them from Clan Belsoto, so you are allowed to take notes from the text. Reading the scroll, you find out -san added to the name of Endaira's vessel by Hitomi as a mark of respect when she sailed under the new Panmoon. While taking notes you notice some sketches on the margins of the scroll and realise they are similar to the pictograms at Mudshire Cromlech, thinking they might be related and decide to head there next.

Upon arriving in Mudshire Cromlech, you can investigate one of the ruins andfind carved pictograms that resemble the sketchs found on the Miyako scrolls, and they depict the cycle of the Panmoon. You make a rubbing of the pictogram for future reference and recall being told that Endaira was "under the full Panmoon". According to the pictograms, a full Panmoon is over a flaming mountain, which can only be one place on the Archipelago, Anak Volcano.

Venture into the volcano, and you find Endaira waiting for you. She tells you that she does not like to spend too much time on the Archipelago, bringing back too many memories of the times she spent sailing on her ship the Sograsan and missing her old crew and but one in particular, Motei the Omninesian. She realises that you have spent time researching her, and you answer by telling her that you also know that her ship used to be pink!. She then tells you to find her again under an empty sky, which according to the pictograms, is a new Panmoon over a lake.

Journey to Sacred Lake on Cipanku, and you find Endaira waiting for you again on the small island in the centre of the lake. She asks if you know why she like to come here, and you answer "It reminds you of the Shogun, Hitomi". She then goes on to say that all you are doing is reminding her of why she never come back to the Archipelago, so much time has passed and everyone has forgotten her. You tell her "You're not forgotten! They make movies about you!", that Visesia plays her and there is also a manga. She thinks this is strange so you tell her It's called Endaira's Quest. This brings her to realise that it's time to stop dwelling in the past. Noting that you are a great tamer and a good person, she thinks you deserve a chance to face her, and to meet her in Tamer's Paradise.

Once you have completed Coda: Poisoned Legacy and persuaded the other three Archtamers to join Endaira in Tamer's Paradise, you are able to challenge them to a battle, one after the other!