In Memory of Max

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In Memory of Max
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Intrigue in Cipanku
Next Quest Intrigue in Cipanku
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Dr. Sasaya
Requirements ?
Reward ?

In Memory of Max is a part of the main quest Intrigue in Cipanku and is received after speaking to Dr. Sasaya in front of the Neoedo Dojo.


  • Interrogate Berhano in Onsenshima.
  • Return to Zadar to talk to Aina.
  • Tell Fatima about Max's fate...
  • Search Max's belongings for clues.
  • Ask Fatima about the parcel receipts.
  • Chase up Max's parcels at the Uhuru post office.
  • Look up "Naka" at the Neoedo registry office.



You will not see the main story quest icon starting out, you have to head to the west island connected to Cipanku and it will automatically start on it's own.